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Jan 21, 2010 02:29 PM

Cafe for desserts in Union County, NJ?

I'm looking for a cafe for a Saturday afternoon to go with some girlfriends, order some desserts and coffee, and just sit and be able to chat for an hour without being rushed out the door.

I'm trying to find something like Cafe Lalo ( which I used to frequent with my girlfriends when I lived in NYC, where there is a counter with an assortment of cakes, you can sit and order off the menu for icecream, coffee, or cookies; and just sit and talk for an hour.

My girlfriends are now coming from NYC to visit me in NJ, but I'm not familiar with the Westfield/Cranford area, where we'll be. I've read about Ana Beall's Tea Room in Westfield, but seems to be getting mixed reviews (often empty, poor service, and expensive?!) on Chowhound. I'm not looking for a take-out place as none of us live in Union County and are all travelling over 45 minutes to Union County (central meeting location, and we plan to walk around Downtown Westfield for the afternoon).

Please tell me my options in Union County aren't the Cheesecake Factory or Starbucks, please! Thank you for all suggestions!

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  1. In Westfield, here is a little bakery on South Ave across from the train station (d/r the name), on the corner next to the First State Bank. Counter and tables. They have pastry, espresso/capp, gelati, etc.

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      OK thank you! I think you're referring to Tutti Baci Cafe..

      We'll head there tomorrow!!

    2. I'm sorry that I'm late witha reply, but there's also Cafe Beethoven in Chatham (right outside of Summit). Nice place with good pastries and comfortable for sitting and chatting.

      1. Right off South Ave is small and charming. They serve a large variety of sweet & savory crepes as well as other desserts, salads & sandwiches, coffees & teas. Always a good experience.

        Cafe Paris
        106 Walnut Ave, Cranford, NJ 07016