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Jan 21, 2010 02:27 PM

CherylAnn's challah at JPLicks in H Sq!

Don't know if this was just a one-time thing - but I spotted Cheryl Ann's challah - sweet, almost more like a cake then a bread, in sweetness - at JP Licks in Harvard Square. They were selling it whole, in the bag.

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  1. I literally just finished an eggnog bread pudding made with Cheryl Ann's challah - it's pretty amazing, even better than Pandoro, which is what I usually use for it. They also have it at the Sudbury Farms in Needham.

    1. I think it's a regular thing - I've also seen it for sale pretty often at the Coolidge Corner JP Licks.

      1. I just saw Cheryl Ann's challah yesterday at the Harvest Coop in Central Square. Very exciting!

        1. I went on Tuesday to check it out, and they said they get shipments in the middle of the week and didn't have any left at the time. She checked and said that this week the shipment was coming (or, came) on Wednesday. So if you make the trip to get some challah, make sure they have it in stock!

          1. Is it marked up to a crazy price?... I think at sudbury its $5 or $6 a loaf...
            I'd love to get Challah in Harvard sqaure... i work in the area.