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Jan 21, 2010 02:27 PM

Food Network Back on Cablevision

Well, we're back!

So, how much do you think our bills go up next month? :)

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  1. I don't think I care how much!!! Okay...maybe I do...just happy they worked it out...any details?

    1. Although I don't watch FN like I used to, I'm glad their back. I was up watching last weeks' Iron Chef at 3 am this morning. Early morning FN is a nice change from endless episodes of Law & Order.
      I expect the cable bill to go up $10 for the aggravation.

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      1. re: bushwickgirl

        Guess we'll find out next month how much the aggravation was worth! I don't watch it like I used to either....but I do love me some Ina Garten & Iron Chef.

        1. re: bushwickgirl

          I wouldn't expect the rates to change much.

          1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

            I was actually joking about the rate increase, and certainly hope the Cablevision rates don't go up at all for at least the next five years; by then there will be a nationwide cable company revolution and either government or technology will take over; TV will be free again, at least until tax time.
            Personally, I think some credit is due my bill for the FN/HGTV time lost, like that's going to happen. Time Warner used to credit when the cable was out.

            Anyway, onward and upward, it's a new day.

            1. re: bushwickgirl

              oh ok, I had heard talks about a rate increase but I haven't heard anything new.

        2. It's about &*(^%$ time!!!
          At least I no longer feel that the TV gods are against me :)

          I have to say thought that during the few weeks FN was off the air here I got a LOT of cooking and baking done. I have about 3 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies on my counter, anyone want one?

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          1. re: iluvcookies

            Wow - you have been cooking up a storm in the FN's absence! Sure I'd love a cookie! So glad they're back! I was going through serious Ina withdrawal...something about her calms me after a rough day at work!

            1. re: Sra. Swanky

              In the 3 week hiatus I made:
              oatmeal cookies
              choc chip cookies
              choc covered caramels (this on the day my oven didn't work)
              pizza with from scratch dough
              cinnamon rolls from scratch
              almond cookies
              espresso delight cookies
              cream filled choc sandwich cookies
              mexican wedding cakes
              2 batches of rugelach
              And a rib roast with Yorkshire pudding

              Tonight I'm having take-out Chinese and watching FN (and Conan's last show, sob)

              1. re: iluvcookies

                mon dieux! you have been busy! i'll take some cookies too :)
                and don't even get me started on Conan...I can't stand Jay.

                1. re: amanda3571

                  I love cookies, but I am not too fond of Conan. I think, though, that he got a totally raw deal.

                  1. re: iluvcookies

                    iluv -- you should consider a spot on The Next Food Network Star - seriously -- they need someone who represents the baking spectrum! :o) RIP Conan on the Tonight Show -- on to bigger and better things..he was too good for NBC!

                    1. re: Sra. Swanky

                      Sra. Swanky... thanks so much!
                      I really did think about the Food network Star as I absolutely love baking. But could I have beaten out Guy Fieri in the enternaining personality dept?
                      I have no formal's just me, my collection of Cooks Illustrated,and a hungry family. If I didn't have a real job (I don't work in any food related business) I would enter a lot of contests.

                      Hey, now that Conan won't be busy for a few months maybe he can host a cooking show with me--we can be the 2 redheads! :)

                      1. re: iluvcookies

                        You are now my new go-to for cookie recipes.
                        Plus I see you like Katz's Deli, I'm long overdue.

                        1. re: bushwickgirl

                          Hey, thanks!
                          I will have to post some recipes--my rugelach is based on the 2nd Ave Deli recipe but I with real dairy. I will start a thread on Home Cooking soon, hope to see you there :)
                          I was at Katz's today, then stopped at Economy Candy. YUM!

                          To keep this OT, I am enjoying an episode of Unwrapped as I type this.

                          1. re: iluvcookies

                            I got FN back, but my TIVO has not yet "seen" the while the shows are there, TIVO has no listings, so I can't set anything to tape. Anyone else with TIVO having this issue? The service has called in twice since FN came back, but it's still not showing up...argh!!! I did e-mail TIVO, but figured I wouldn't get a response over the weekend. Just thought I'd check and see if any other TIVO users were having the same issue or if it was just me!