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Apr 6, 2005 01:07 PM

Former Ed Debevic's on La Cienega

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Anyone recently driving by their former site is now witnessing the construction of a brand new and very largely scaled new restaurant to be operated by Global Dining, the operators of Cafe La Boheme in weho and Monsoon in Santa Monica. The company is a huge entity based in Japan, with probably 50 units under various names. Design looks intriguing from what you can see, yet not sure of the marketing name for this unit, nor exactly what the specific concept. Does anyone?

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    way back when, the management of the place where i was working (across the street from there) said that it was going to be a restaurant with one of the "iron chefs," but that was just a rumor...

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      Let's talk about "the days"! Way back when...I worked across the street in a place called the Mediterrania..way back, I think it was the Roaring 20's then, what was it before that? anyone remember?
      All the waiters would hang out at Beefeater Inn in those days. Lawry's, Stears, Tail O the Cock, Delores DriveIn..yes a drive in restaurant on the corner of Wilshire and La Cienega.
      So, yes, I'm curious to know what the new place will be, what it will serve and what the name will be. When do they open?

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        You forgot to mention Ollie Hammond! God, I loved that place.

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          ok, maybe not waaay back when for me (i worked at gyu kaku) - haha! but isn't it weird how things transform?

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        Name: Gonpachi Restaurantjill

        From the Bev Hills Chamber:

        "Name: Gonpachi Restaurant
        Address: 134 N. La Cienega Boulevard
        Description: Japanese traditional restaurant will occupy the 10,000 sq. ft. space formerly occupied by Ed Debevic's.
        Status: Remodeling will start after the New Year. Construction is expected to take one year.
        Contact: Hamid Gabbay, 310-553-8866

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        1. re: Name: Gonpachi Restaurantjill

          Thank you for the information. Googling "Gonpachi" yields some eye-opening (hair-raising?) information about its existing branches in Japan. (In Ginza it's apparently one of a complex of Global Dining restaurants including a Monsoon and a La Boheme.)

          Here's the one-paragraph description from the official website:

          ["A stage production in restaurant design Huge open kitchen perfect for live performances Japanese-style stand-up bar counter from which to take in all the action while sipping Japanese sake3rd floor garden seats bring nature back to the city"
          Here's a couple of links to reviews with some brief quotes; plenty more available via Google:

          ["The first two floors are a rustic village where a matsuri is constantly underway. . . . You expect a line of yukata-clad obasan to come teetering out of a back room doing a bon-odori dance. . . . The top (third) floor is fancier, with three rooms wrapped around an open courtyard of small gardens and a view of the moon."

          ["Housed in a re-created kura (traditional Japanese warehouse) with exposed wooden beams, Gonpachi is a fun place to dine on a variety of dishes . . . "]

          Well, ever since Lawry's closed the California Center on San Fernando Road, LA has needed another faux-village restaurant, so I guess this might work!