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Jan 21, 2010 02:25 PM

Chicken and Rice soup-What did I do wrong?

I made some avgolemono soup last night and it was perfect when it was freshly made. About an hour later it turned into congee. It's my first time making it from scratch...homemade organic chicken broth, rice etc...

What went wrong and how do I prevent it next time?

Is this a common occurance with this type of dish and does it not store well?

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  1. Trick is to add cooked rice shortly before serving. Otherwise, the rice absorbs a lot of liquid and your soup will have the consistency of congee. It should store fine if you keep your broth and rice in separate pots.

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    1. I suspect the rice was just doing what rice does, if given the time. We've had this problem at our deli. We used to add the rice to the pot when we made vegetable rice soup, but... like you said, it becomes mush so quickly. Sucks all the moisture out of the broth! So now we add the rice to each bowl just before serving. If you do that, you shouldn't have this problem!

      1. Fyi, the same is true of noodles, if you add noodles to your chix soup. Same trick as offered by maudies5 and JenniferCote works for both.