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Spicing up store bought soups

Hi all,

I have a big lot of Campbell's chicken noodle soup and have been thinking of bring them to work for lunch. Problem is, I find the flavor too bland.

Any suggestions as to how I could jazz up the soup and make it taste better?

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  1. add some smokey/spicey sausage, like Andouille?

    1. Or some chorizo and some fried tortilla chips crushed over the top right before eating. Other ways: make it a black bean noodle soup with a sprinkle of packaged taco seasoning or add sauteed mushrooms, green onions, bean sprouts and maybe a drop of sesame oil & ginger

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          That's the problem with many brands of canned soups, too much salt/MSG and not enough real flavor.
          I like Cheryl's idea of the Asian-inspired chicken noodle soup.
          Add some fresh lightly steamed or raw veggies, tomato, carrot shreds, green beans, spinach, sauteed cabbage, sweet red pepper, to give the soup some crunch and dimension.

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            Simmering the soup with some black pepper and a bay leaf sometimes helps to up the flavor. Poultry seasoning even works in a pinch.

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                  Absolutely! I love my newest mill from Vic Firth, I've never seen one produce so much pepper with every turn. Have to fill it super often, though. I just love the smell of it as it's coming out, too.

          2. You could make some homemade mini meatballs (or use frozen) flavored with parmesan and parsley. Float those in the soup (doctoring up the broth with some Italian spices) and add some greens or spinach for a quick Italian Wedding-style soup.

            1. You could also transform it into a kind of bastardized tortilla soup. Add diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro, some cubed potatoes...actually chunky vegetables of all kinds...cumin, maybe smoked paprika or chipotle. Squeeze in some fresh lime juice before serving topped with crushed corn tortilla chips.

              1. To the OP--There was a time I only bought canned soup, but once I discovered sites like this, then dabbled with making my first chicken noodle soup, there was no turning back. Honest, if you dont already, cruise around and make your own once or twice. You will NEVER go back to the can, I swear. And the difference is so vast--not just because of the fresh factor, but you control the very flavor and seasoning that you are looking for with you question.

                Try it--you'll like !!! Good luck.

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                  I read the OP's post more of an "I'm stuck with a pallet of Cambell's---now what." My guess is she/he doesn't think canned chicken soup is the be-all end-all of soups. :)

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                    Yep. I have a container of sriracha in the work fridge and a bottle of hot sauce in my desk. They perk up virtually any dish.

                    For the soup, I'd bring some chopped mushrooms and a seeded jalapeno, add them to the soup before warming up, and hit with a touch of sriracha before eating.

                    1. think about this ,open the can and drain out the liquid and replace it with real chicken broth. then do not heat in microwavebecause it makes the noodles tough. put the soup in a

                      open the can and drain away the liquid. replace it with real chicken broth. do no heat in microwave oven, that will make the noodles tough. place the soup in a pan and bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer the soup on low for 15-18 minutes. let cool a little and enjoy your new taste.

                      1. We eat a lot of doctored canned soups...

                        Parmesan cheese
                        Shredded cabbage
                        Mexican hot sauce
                        cheddar cheese
                        celery leaves

                        1. If ur looking for a spicy flavour i recomend adding lime juice and cayanne powder works every time

                          1. reenum,

                            Trader Joes has the best soup ever! Put them in microwave or heat on top of stove.

                            Good Luck!