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Jan 21, 2010 02:07 PM

Fun Friday Lunch Options Needed - HELP!!

Hello again!!! I'll be traveling to New Orleans at the end of June, but this time my husband and I will be traveling with a group of 10. The majority of us are foodies, but there are a few picky eaters in the group, so the restaurant should have a variety of items to choose from. Good food is a must, but a fun ambiance is definitely important for Friday's lunch since it is our first meal together on this trip.

Last July, my husband and I ate at the following places:

--Commander's Palace
--Lil Dizzy's
--Mr. B's
--Old Coffee Pot

Although we might repeat some of these in June, I would like to try new places. Any and every suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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      1. re: JazzyB

        Have you done the 3 courses for $20 at Emerli's? Is it worth it to go that route? Just noticed that on their website. Hopefully it's still around in June.

        Also, I've read that Galatoire's is hit or miss... However, I've heard their lunches are fun if you sit downstairs. What's that all about?

        1. re: JFarah

          Hehehehe.... Depending on the day Galatoire's downstairs can get VERY rowdy. Friday would be Ground Zero for wild behavior. But beware that you need to arrive hella early if you want to have lunch at lunchtime. My one experience there was a borderline nightmare but I didn't have CH to tell me what to expect. Gonna give it another shot someday.

          (also no reservations downstairs at Gal's so a group of 10 probably will have a tough time getting seated, right folks?)

          My pick would be Commander's but you've already been. Granted, I would go there again.

          1. re: kukubura

            Unless you go to Galatoire's in mid-to-late afternoon, I advise against Friday--it is too much of a cut-up, see-and-be-seen business, although there are real people (and regulars) there, just to be holding onto their turf. Kukubura's famous debacle is not common but not beyond belief. If you know the restaurant, Friday can be bearable but I do not think that anyone gets the feel of the place at 1:30 on a boozy, loud Friday. Dinner should be can start at 4:00 if you like. Otherwise I suggest Commander's or Clancy's &c.