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Jan 21, 2010 01:46 PM

Party trays near Tri Valley for baby's birthday party?

I am planning my baby's 1 year birthday party. We will invite about 90 guests & I am looking for places to pick up trays of food- inexpensive... less than $10 per person. Something simple and in the trivalley area. We live in Dublin so of course, the closer the better!

Anyone have any experience doing this? We haven't thrown many parties, but I guess we'd better learn fast!! Also, how much food should be get (75 adults, 20 kids- invited... not sure how many will be able to come)

Thanks for any tips!!

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  1. Check out your nearest Costco. Shrimp, chicken wings, aram sandwiches,salad and bake at home pizza. It ain't gourmet but it is reasonable. Actually the shrimp have been very good.

    1. For my daughter's third birthday we had it catered from a Mexican restaurant for $4 a person! This included chicken and steak fajitas, rice and beans. They also threw in chips and salsa for free. I picked up tortillas from a local Mexican supermarket for super cheap, got the guacamole, cheese and sour cream from costco and it was still about $6 a head. I had to call a lot of places to find the cheap one, most places quoted me double, but it was worth the time. Everyone loved it, we just had to pick up the food and throw away the trays in the end. It was great for the kids too since most will do tortillas and beans.