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Jan 21, 2010 01:40 PM

What do you recommend in Taos?

Just want a recommendation for a nice dinner in Taos? Anyone been there recently?

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  1. It is very hard to beat Orlando's on the north side of Taos; but if any place can it is Guadalajara Grill on the south end of town. Nothing snooty, pretentious, or nouveau at either place. Just superb food and VERY reasonable prices.

    1. Sarah, please check the earlier postings. (Just search "Taos" on this board.) I'm in Taos very regularly and I'd recommend the following:

      The Love Apple has delicious, locally grown and often organic, offerings. There have been some complaints about the service, but the setting in an old decommissioned chapel can't be beat. You really feel the Taos ambiance in the place.

      Antonio's is open again, just behind the Plaza. He cooks Mexican food, but has some New Mexican offerings on the menu.

      I recommend Sabroso in Arroyo Seco--romantic atmosphere with great food and great service.

      If you want to have a very fancy meal, I highly recommend El Monte Segrado or Joseph's Table. Decor is as elegant as the food.

      Many people like Lambert's, which is under new ownership and has a new chef. I had a fine dinner there, but the experience/value ratio wasn't there for me. Other people that I know have said that they had great dinners there (under the new owner/chef). The room is quite lovely, but I felt rushed.

      Taos has a James Beard chef, Damon. His restaurant serves up some neat offerings. It's worth checking out, but please be forewarned that the room lacks ambiance. Try to reserve a table in the "front" of the restaurant where there are only a few tables.

      I disagree with the Inspector's recommendation of Orlando's. It's a favorite of many and prices are reasonable indeed. However, I've found the waitstaff to downright rude, forget to bring items and just not very nice. I hate being so negative, but I'm really disappointed with them lately (as are a number of locals).

      Guadalajara Grill is great. There are two. But not much ambiance, and it's more Mexican food, not New Mexican.

      Finally, the beloved Taos Diner is now serving dinner. The food is great, but not much in the way of ambiance! You might want to check it out for breakfast or lunch. Their red and green chile sauces are beyond exceptional, and their pancakes are wonderful.

      Let me know if you'd like any more information. The dining in Taos has really gotten good.

      One more thing: check out for dining coupons in Taos and around the state.

      Have a great visit!

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        I was surprised to see Lenzo's comment about Orlando's. I've only been to Orlando's once - when I was in New Mexico on vacation in November. It was a highlight, for the food, comfortable atmosphere and the waitstaff. It was getting close to the end of my vacation, and I hadn't tried chile rellenos yet, and they were very agreeable to providing just a side dish - as they were in boxing up some cookies to go. My partner's nachos with the beef were amazing, I would have any item on the menu that had that seasoned beef in it!

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          Doc Martin's and the Stakeout (south of town) also offer a memorable dining experience..