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Want to help move threads? Check in here.

There are lots and lots of active threads that are going to need new homes after we change the breakdown of the Chowhound boards (see: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/682188 ) and we're asking the community for help.

We tried auto-moving threads when we split the Austin board out and that didn't go well, so we want actual people to make those decisions. The moderators will be working on moving threads, but we know the job will get done faster with more people involved.

If you want to help, and you've been around the site for awhile, please post below and let us know and we'll grant you the access. If you've already got access to edit Restaurant data, you're all set.

Once the changes go live, if you've got access to move threads, you'll see a new panel called "Contributor Panel". If there's an active discussion on one of our archived or changed boards that belongs on one of our new boards, you can go ahead and move it. Your choices will be limited to new boards that were created from the current board, so you won't be able to move things anywhere on the site. If you see things that belong on topical boards like Home Cooking or General Topics, you can still use "report" to flag those for the moderators to move.

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  1. Sign me up (cue the theme song from "The Jefferson's" - Movin on up!)... ;-D>

    1. Yes, I would most definitely like to help.

      1. I'll be happy to help!

          1. re: jfood

            I'd be glad to help sort out the Midwest/Twin Cities split.

          2. I'd like to help out also.