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Jan 21, 2010 12:59 PM

Sea Trout - Season? Substitute?

Two years ago, in January, I made a new recipe that called for sea trout. I was pleased to find the whole fish at my usual fish store - Citarella - and at a very reasonable price. This time last year, I wanted to make the same dish (for our anniversary), they didn't have sea trout, so I used branzino instead. I just called now, and was told that sea trout is out of season. So, was this a fluke two years ago? Any suggestions for other substitutes?

Here's the recipe:


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  1. Arctic char is an excellent substitute.

    1. if by sea trout they mean steelhead or sea run rainbow than salmon would do as well since theyare related

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        My sense is - and I really need to educate myself more - is that salmon is a much fattier fish. The recipe calls for boiling the whole carcass, skin etc. after cooking and fileting the fish, to make the sauce, and my understanding - perhaps incorrect - is that one doesn't want to make that kind of sauce from the carcass of a fatty fish.

      2. I would suggest that a market such as Citarella could suggest a substitute. Seat Trout is not in the trout or salmon family so do not go that route. Sea trout is mild and lean, not very firm. Maybe a small striped bass would be a good sub.