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Sparks Steak House-Thoughts?

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I have a dinner at Sparks next week with colleagues. I was gunning for Quality Meats but Sparks one : ( What do you suggest? Not suggest? How is the fish? I eat meat but not often and just went to Peter Lugers so I'm not dying for more read meat. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Never been, but Alan Richman just wrote a pretty entertaining takedown:


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      thanks chief. the article is just as i imagined it. now i'm even less excited but at least i know to be prepared for a disappointing meal. can't wait for my colleagues to be disappointed and me say, i told you so.

      so now that i am going, what do i order--besides the strip? i'm allergic to shrimp, crab and lobster : (

    2. Simply put- save your money for a better meal and experience elsewhere.

      1. We went there New Year's eve. It was great-inc. the filets mignons

        1. Sparks is my fave steakhouse hands down for the ambience alone. That being said I always go as a group and order one of those gigantic lobsters which they break open for you for easy service . I always have a steak as a "sidedish" to complete the fare.

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            The ambience is definitely Old School, a dying style in NYC, and much missed by many, including me. Speaking of dying, a friend of mine in graduate school was Paul Castellano's favorite waitress. She said that whenever Big Paul ate at Spark's, she'd serve him at a distance and keep away from his table unless she had to.

          2. so i'm going tuesday to sparks. suggestions? i love lobster but recently became allergic. i usually get filet but what about any of the fish or other steaks? what do you suggest?

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              It's been quite a while since I've been to Sparks. That said, they used to make an excellent (and huge) veal chop - and do take advantage of their wine cellar; it's one of the best around and very reasonably priced to boot.

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                I have had the tuna steak there a few times and it has always been wonderful. The crabmeat cocktail is great too.

              2. I haven't been to sparks for years...though- I used to go quite often, (as someones guest!)

                BUT I still dream of it ...it still remains unsurpassed for me as far as steakhouses...the quality was the best I have ever experienced.

                Please post back and let us know!

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                  I went to Sparks 5 years ago with some buddies, to celebrate graduation. Amazing meal. One of the group went back within the last month, and was incredibly disappointed. The selections of cuts was very poor, and the quality was as well.

                2. Been here many, many times it's a place thats just hard to beat. Great in every way. Enjoy.

                  1. Sparks has always been great....and still is. It's consistant and delicious...You'll LOVE IT!! NY Strip is to die for!! In fact, I was El Bulli a few weeks ago for one of the more incredible food experiences of my life...and in the middle of dinner I said, what I wouldn't do for a Sparks NY Strip right now....just for the heartiness of the meal. ENJOY!

                    1. It's good. Just be careful when you're leaving.

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                        Just be careful when you're leaving.

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                          Look up the history of Sparks.....you'll know exactly what Hinderlander is talking about...LOL

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                            oh, you mean the Gotti shooting? totally didn't even think of that :)

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                              Like I said...look it up...it wasn't Gotti!

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                                well he may not have pulled the trigger, but i'm not so sure anyone would say he was completely innocent ;) anyway, yes, now i know what Hinterlander meant by that comment.

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                          Well said, h'lander, I understood your point immediately.
                          Back in certain decades, gourmands would pay close attention to where capi were rubbed out and flock to the restos where they breathed their dying breaths, on the presumption that these people were -how to say it?- the most reliable of c'hounds.
                          Umberto's Clam House, anyone?

                          Umberto's Clam House
                          132 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013

                        3. After wanting to go for many years, my family went to Sparks last Friday night. We will not be going back. Felt like we were in a tourist joint and were treated that way by all. The maitre'd cted like he was doing us a favor to allow in to dine on a slow Friday night over Thanksgiving weekend. The boneless sirloin (their specialty) and the hash browns were good, but we were so disgusted with the place by then that it was not enough to salvage. The most amemic salads and dressings (both a mixed and tomato) started us off. We tried to get some type of steak sauce/tomato dressing (like Peter Luger) but that only got us a bowl of warm gravy -- honest! And then a $22.95 shrimp scampi and baked clams appetizer that was enough for one person -- a small person. There were three of us, and two very small shrimp. My clam was good though.

                          They do not have a porterhouse or rib steak of any kind on the menu, which seemed odd too. Their wine list is moderately pricd, which was nice, but there wasn't much else to write homeaout. Anyway, it was a somewhat costly and very disappointing nigt out. Now I'm thinking that Paul Castellano might just have been mistaken for a waiter or maitre'd.

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                            What a shame to read .....It used to be so good many years ago....