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Jan 21, 2010 11:53 AM

Eats Close to the Ahmanson

We would like to grab some food/drinks prior to the 8PM show at the Ahmanson tonight. Given the weather, we want someplace walkable within a few blocks. No price, cuisine restrictions. Any recommendations?

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  1. There's Kendall's below the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, but I would not recommend it to anyone - just telling you it's there.

    Across 1st Street, on Grand Avenue, is Patina

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    1. re: toitoi

      The Water Grill gets my vote. Great seafood and drinks. Efficient pre-theatre service and shuttle. Park downstairs ‘til your shuttle returns. Reserve and let them know your show plans/time; they’ll take good care of you.

      The Water Grill
      544 S. Grand Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA 90071
      (213) 891-0900

      1. re: degustateur

        Water Grill is very good. Just confirm they are still doing a shuttle. As I mentioned, a lot of the restaurants have cut back or eliminated shuttle service because of the economy. I've been caught twice recently at restaurants that had provided shuttle service for years that did not have the shuttle available the night I went (Morton's because they eliminated it and Roy's because we had not made prior arrangements).

    2. Within a few blocks, other than Kendall's and the place on the plaza (both of which I would avoid), the only really walkabler restaurants are Noe at the Omni Hotel and Patina at Disney Hall.

      You might also go to Drago Centro or Chaya, park there (the valet is on Figueroa between 5th and 6th), and take a shuttle to the Ahmanson (the shuttle leaves from Flower). Roy's at 8th and Figueroa sometimes has a shuttle service, but ask them to arrange it in advance. The shuttle service is free -- just tip the driver -- and takes you right outside the Music Center. There are other restaurants with shuttles, but several have cut back due to the economy, so check with some of the local restaurants. Morton's recently told us that it had eliminated its shuttle entirely, but I do not know about Ciudad, Sai Sai, Engine Co. No. 28, Water Grill, Zucca, McCormick & Schmicks, or Cicada (all of which have had shuttles).