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Jan 21, 2010 11:51 AM

San Diego - Gaslamp Quarter

I am looking for a restaurant in Gaslamp Quarter for 12 person business dinner. Looking for a menu with fair amount of choices and good wine list. Anything good? I want to avoid chains. Thoughts on Urbana Cucina? Any other recommendations?

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  1. I don't want to sound snarky, but this is the most frequently asked question on the California Board. If you search for "Gaslamp" over the last month or two (or even just look at the first few pages of the board), you'll get plenty of discussion. Take this thread, for example:

    1. While I am a big fan of Cucina Urbana, I would not recommend it for a business dinner. Being the "it" restaurant at the moment, the scene is lively and very noisy. Better to try to sneak in there with a smaller party another time.

      My recommendation for your function would be either Oceanaire or Flemings. While Oceanaire is billed as a seafood place and Flemings as a steakhouse, they both offer good entree selections other than their named specialties. They also both offer an appropriate, upscale atmosphere for a business function, as well as excellent service. We have used the private room at Flemings for a corporate dinner and our guests were very impressed.

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        Do you have a particular area of the Gaslamp? The US Grant or Westgate Hotel could work or the restaurant at the new Hilton by the Convention Center. What about Bice you can see if they have a private room?

        1. re: jturtle

          "US Grant or Westgate Hotel"

          Both options are worth a shot.

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          Is it me or has Cucina Urbana been going downhill? It isn't the scene or the crowd, the plates seem smaller, more rushed, and overall not as impressive. The squash blossoms (a go-to for many people) were very bland and the "blossom" was nearly non-existent our last two times going.

          Flemings is a chain, but a very solid steakhouse for the Gaslamp, with excellent service.
          Cowboy Star may be more impressive for the game meats.

          1. re: MrKrispy

            How do they even have squash blossoms at this time of year? I assumed that would be a more summer and seasonal thing.

            1. re: DougOLis

              I saw squash blossoms at the Little Italy Mercado last Saturday

              1. re: DougOLis

                Squash blossoms at the Santee Farmers Market on Wednesday. $5/lb

              2. re: MrKrispy

                "Is it me or has Cucina Urbana been going downhill?"

                I liked it the first two times I went.

                The following 6 times I went were worse.

                So yeah, I would agree there is a downward trend.

                Short it!

                1. re: stevewag23

                  Had another great meal there last night- probably the 10th. Place is doing quite well, packed by 530. I don't think they miss you.

                  1. re: stirfry


                    What meal is that? Lunch?

                    I will make sure I get you as my waiter next time.

            2. You might also want to scout out Suite & Tender at the Hotel Se (new and somewhat trendy). Have entertained there on 2 occasions and the food and service were very good. The recommendations made by the others are all solid options as well. It depends on the vibe you are lookig for. Agree that Cucina Urbana would be too loud for a business dinner, but you should try to hit it while you are in town (it is my favorite spot at the moment) and consistantly very good.

                1. re: mmjgam

                  I'll second this one. Cowboy Star is a decent place.