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Jan 21, 2010 11:36 AM

Belgian Waffle Maker Recommendations, Please

I'm in the market for a Belgian waffle iron/maker and am hoping I can get some recommendations of units that folks here have used and liked or didn't like.
I have a VillaWare heart-shaped regular waffler that's gotten light-to-moderate use for 8 or 9 years now that I'm happy with - it works fine and produces thin attractive waffles. Now I'm yearning to tackle Belgian waffles so I need a new machine.

I purchased a flip-maker about 5 years ago from QVC (can't remember the brand) that broke on its 3rd use and immediately went back. I've looked at the home flip waffle makers on Amazon and some other sites and see that negative reviews run about 1 out of 3 for the VillaWare, Waring & Cuisinart makers with the biggest problem being that the machines tend to blow a fuse and stop working after a very few uses so that makes me a somewhat leary of them, but other than that the reviews are quite positive for them. Presto makes a flip machine that's a little different and less expensive that has very good reviews.

What waffle maker do you have? Is it a flip maker or regular? Is there a real benefit to the flip makers? I live alone and don't need a commercial unit. What can you recommend?

Thanks for your advice, I'm looking forward to great belgian waffles in the very near future!

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  1. I like my waring pro flip model - got it back in 03.. still going strong.

    1. I have a Krups 4 slice model and have nothing but good things to say. Very deep, big pockets to the waffles. I love it.

      1. We're delighted with our 2 square Belgian waffle maker by All-Clad. See a brief review on my Web site. Friends have the 4 square and like it too.

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        1. re: GeezerGourmet

          I had a few inexpensive ones and hated them.

          Got the Waring Pro from BBB or Sam's Club and it was great. So great that when it broke - totally thru my carelessness - we replaced it without any further research.

          1. re: GeezerGourmet

            Oh how you tempt me! That looks like such a wonderful waffle maker, and I've seen nothing but positive reviews about it. But oh my gosh, the price differential betweem ~$50 - $75 and ~$200 for the All-Clad! Can I really do that????

            Question for you about how much "excess" batter flows out the back? That's the real sellingn point of the machine for me - pulling out excess batter to make the lightest waffle possible. I watched the video at Williams-Sonoma's website and it looked like quite a bit of batter was extruded out the back. What's your experience been with that?

            How do I find a link to your website? I didn't see it on your profile page - but then I'm new here so maybe I just don't know where to look??

            Thank you for your comments.

          2. housewolf: "I have a VillaWare heart-shaped regular waffler that's gotten light-to-moderate use for 8 or 9 years now that I'm happy with - it works fine and produces thin attractive waffles. Now I'm yearning to tackle Belgian waffles so I need a new machine."

            We have the VillaWare Five o' Hearts, also. It has had a lot of use over the years.

            The best home Belgian waffle maker, bar none, is the Chef's Choice Model 850 Belgian WafflePro.

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            1. re: Politeness

              Thanks for your recommendation for the Chef's Choice Model 850. I'm intrigued by with the adjustable controls on this machine. What's been your experience using these? Also a question about the "overflow channel " - where does the excess batter overflow to? Or are they just referring to the channel around the outside edges of the waffle?

              Thanks for your reply.

              1. re: housewolf

                That is a great question. Batter will overflow. I actually do not like overflow channel -- in general. Yes, overflow channel prevent batter from dipping to the table/countertop. However, many overflow channel is very difficult to easy.

                Between cleaning a large flat surface countertop and a tiny grooved overflow channel, I choose the countertop.

                Have you considered a cheaper one like this:


                Oh yeah, as you probably know, many home flip waffle makers have bad review because the joint eventually breaks.

                1. re: housewolf

                  I have the Chefs Choice Model 830, and am very happy with it. Sometimes the batter overflows to the channel, but that is because I have put in too much batter. It is very easy to clean up. Mine came from Cabella's. I can convince my husband to buy anything if it is carried at Cabela's. :)

              2. I'm delighted with my new Waring Pro (WMK300) waffle maker. It's a flip model. The fat perfect waffles lift off easily, clean up is simple & quick. I made Alton Brown's "Basic Waffles" recipe (uses buttermilk). If this machine continues to do the same job as it did on the 1st batch I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a waffle maker.
                I see that "grnidkjun" (1st reply here) bought one in 2003 and is still happy with it.

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                1. re: blue room

                  I spray a little non stick on the griddle.. works great.
                  when I pour too much batter and it overflows.. there is a drip tray you can throw in the dishwasher as well.

                  I wanted waffles yesterday, but had no milk!