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Jan 21, 2010 11:28 AM


Does any one know of a retardant that serves "lamb bacon"? or at least know of a butcher I could go to where I could buy that specific cut of meat?

-its made from the saddle of the animal, a section that is comprised of the highly coveted loin and the less coveted flaps of meat and fat that dangle from it on either side, those flaps are perfect for making lamb bacon, and sometimes this cut of meat is called the "breast" I think, so..... "lamb breast" (maybe) but after you cure it -delicious lamb bacon!

So. Does anyone have any experience with eating it in restaurant? Or maybe even making it themselves? OR maybe a better question: Would any one know where to find a decent butcher in the Rockville/rest of MD area?

Whew! Help me O great Chowhoundians!

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  1. I'll be watching this one. But I hope people ignore your geographic limits and report from the area as a whole.

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      .....Sure, why not? I’m sure there are plenty of decent butchers in dc, and if you happen to live there then you should know of one in your direct area. In my case, I don’t live in a city like D.C. -which is why suggestions for a decent butcher in my direct area would be helpful.

      1. re: PatrickG

        OK you got me curious and I found these recipes for homemade if you do find a butcher - I'm going to have to try this:

    2. First I ever heard of the stuff, but I'd bet the Lebanese butcher can help you out. When you stand at the counter, there's a skinned lamb hanging behind it.