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Jan 21, 2010 11:17 AM

Five Favorite Places to Eat Among Frequent/Veteran CH Posters?

Not sure if and how this thread might work, but as I mentioned in another thread, I'm curious as to which places the frequent/veteran posters on the Boston board of Chowhound consider as their personal favorites. Is anyone game for this?

Since I seem to spend way too much time on this site, I guess I can be a part of this, so I'll go first. My five favorite restaurants in the Boston area (as of this moment!):

Denly Gardens, Weymouth
Alia Ristorante, Winthrop
Angela's Cafe, East Boston
Santarpio's, East Boston
Dok Bua, Brookline

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  1. Hammersley's
    Hola (in Marshfield)

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    1. re: Northender

      I really do have to get to Hola one of these days. So much praise for the place...

      1. re: hiddenboston

        shanghai gate
        dok bua
        washington square tavern

        1. re: teezeetoo

          interesting to go back three years and look at my response - the only one that's fallen out of my rotation is tupelo - prefer S & I Thai to dok bua but still am fond of dok bua. Would probably add Rendezvous as my 5th choice now. But Shanghai Gate, Washington Square Tavern, and Erbaluce remain on my top five list.

        2. re: hiddenboston

          Just a lot of fun and great little plates and you don't have to drop a bundle. The wine list has great values in the low $20.00 range. I t was really worth the drive although a designated driver is a good idea.

      2. Mamma Maria
        Garden at the Cellar

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        1. re: pollystyrene

          Three of mine have changed. Now it's:

          Mamma Maria
          Cuchi Cuchi

        2. I guess >5 years qualifies me...

          S&I Thai
          Cafe Mami
          Rincon Limeno
          Hei La Moon
          Sichuan Gourmet, Framingham

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          1. re: Luther

            Hei La Moon still up there for you? What about the alleged downturn in quality?

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              I never liked their dinner menu items so this is strictly regarding dim sum. I've been about once a month and over the last year I'd say it's better than it's ever been. Pretty consistent even on weekdays.

              There will always be occasions when the food isn't as good, but I'd say that's the exception.

          2. Craigie on Main
            Gallaria Umberto
            Carlo's Cuchina Italiana
            Shanghai Gate
            Hugo's (Portland ME) -not here I know, but it is my favorite overall restaurant.

            1. I've posted a few times, so I'll add my current favorites:
              Fat Cat, Quincy,
              Cafe deParis, Quincy
              Prezza, North End
              Shabu Zen, Chinatown
              Silvertones, Downtown

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              1. re: Pegmeister

                I don't know if I make the cut regarding your exclusive criteria

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  What do you usually order at Cafe de Paris?

                  1. re: SOBoston

                    This is a pretty old post, but things haven't changed much at Cafe deParis. I still stop there on a regular basis. IMO they have the best pizza in the Quincy area. Darcys makes the pizza but you can order from the cafe side. Great buffalo chicken, or more traditional pepperoni and onion and they even have a Guiness beef and potato pizza that's quite good. Petite filet is consistently cooked to order and of high quality, while admittedly it's a smaller 6 oz portion the price is only $18. Their appetizer of seared scallops is well done and even better is the chopped salad topped with scallops. Parmsean crusted haddock is always fresh and a popular dish. Not crazy about their fried calamari. Specials generally change around once a month. This is a good solid neighborhood stop with plenty of regulars.