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Jan 21, 2010 10:18 AM

Mimo Calgary - Surprisingly good Portuguese food

I've meant to try this place for a long time, finally found it (not easy) in a strip mall off of 17Ave SE. It's a small, family-run place that shares the kitchen, washrooms, wait staff and a thin wall with a sports lounge. Not much for atmosphere, the sound of the sports lounge / pool hall carries over to parts of the restaurant, and once the place got a bit busy the service wasn't fast, but it was competent and friendly.

But the food was surprisingly good. Portuguese, via the Azores (I think, or the Canary Islands?): rich and more spicy than mainland style. I had the made-from-scratch kale soup, which was hearty and tasty; some house vinho verde wine (fresh and delicious) and an amazing paella: at $27.95 the paella wasn't cheap, but it included a lobster tail, large prawns, crab legs, mussels, clams, chicken, and probably something else all served in a large hot iron pan of spicy rice. It took me at least a half hour of concentrated effort with lots of tools and concentration just to get through it, and it was worth every minute.

There was lots more to try on the menu, the soups especially looked interesting, lots of seafood and meat choices. I was put off initially because Portuguese isn't my favourite cuisine, but now I wish I had tried Mimo earlier. Not a fancy night out - it's for Portuguese families or people who want good, interesting food.

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  1. We ate there last spring. We had a mussel/pork dish, which was very good. I don't recall what else. Yes, the sports bar with the 'garage' door was a little odd but the pride in the family running the place made up for that. I'd go again for sure.

    1. I was in the area a couple of weeks ago, I'd always meant to try it. It was really, really good. I'd never had Portughese before, they had lots of seafood and quite spicy. We came in quite late so just had a few appetizers - the calamari was a standout, the sauce was sooo good, as were the prawns with the heads still on them. The woman who owns it and her daughter were charming and informative. Too bad it's so far away for me, I'd go there often if I lived in the area.

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        Forgot to add the link:

        Mimo Restaurant & Lounge
        4909 17 Ave SE #203, Calgary, AB T2A 0V5, CA

      2. I agree... Mimo is delicious. I think the largest people have in finding the location is because the address listed on their website is incorrect (or was when we tried the 1st time).

        We love the paella!

        1. Does anyone know if they serve Linguica? The web-site link to their menu doesn't work and when I called no one picked up. I have had a difficult time finding this particular sausage, and it would be amazing if they offered it. Chorizo just isn't the same thing...

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            I'm not sure if it is that specific sausage but I do know that they have a sausage appetizer that is served on a clay dish with hot coals underneath it. You could call and ask. They are very nice.