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Jan 21, 2010 10:12 AM

Canmore Dining Changes? The Iron Goat, Trough , Quarry

Went to Canmore and visited The Iron Goat Pub and Grill- despite all the negative reviews they seem to have made some changes- the menu resembles a more contemparary cuisine, had the duck nisoice and pork n beans with maple ginger glaze( yummy), there is a new manager and seems to be a change in service approach? Anyhow thought it has shown signs of rounding a corner since our last visit?
New owners at the Trough- heard that new ownership and mangement there as well? Is it still as good?
The Quarry - was closed but new owners as well?When is it opening again?
Coffee Mine - New location?
French Quarter- new location, still as good?
Wow times are changin the mountains!!!

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  1. I'm have a reservation at Quarry for this weekend so it's open!

    1. We ate at Quarry last night and were very pleased! We shared the charcuterie plate to start, my BF had the carbonara and I had the oxtail stroganoff, with the chocolate hazelnut tart for dessert. We thought everything was delicious and the service was great!

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      1. re: Beachy1

        when did they reopen? last i heard they had sold.

        1. re: matlock

          As far as I know....

          Quarry now run by the ex-head chef from The Wood just down the street - i liked his food there, so should be good.

          The Trough is owned by some ex-employees at Zonas - have heard that they are doing a good job, but I haven't been in a while.

          Went for apres-ski at The Iron Goat recently, was impressed with the service & the friendliness of the staff - a big improvement on the previous food/service debacle.

          French Quarter moved after the fire at the original place - never been, was sad that Treo went, as I liked that place.

          Coffee Mine is now on Main Street, I never really liked the place - Mountain Mercato is the best coffee shop in Canmore in my book, closely followed by Communitea.

          1. re: graemejw

            nice update.
            adding links:

            Quarry Bistro
            718 8 St, Canmore, AB T1W 2B6, CA

            The Coffee Mine
            802 8 St #103, Canmore T1W 2B7, CA

            The Trough Dining Co
            725 9 St #B, Canmore T1W 2V7, CA

            The Iron Goat Pub & Grill
            703 Benchlands Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 3G9, CA

            The French Quarter Cafe
            1005 Cougar Creek Dr #100, Canmore T1W 1E1, CA

            Mountain Mercato
            817 8 St, Canmore, AB T1W 2B3, CA

            Communitea Cafe
            Mistaya Place 6 Ave 10 St, Canmore T1W 3L8, CA

          2. re: matlock

            I'm not sure when they reopened.

            1. re: Beachy1

              this saddens me. i loved the quarry for their patio and decent food but the wood has served me some of the worst meals i've had in a restaurant ever. i'll be avoiding this one.

              1. re: matlock

                Everything that we had was really tasty. You might want to give them another shot.

                1. re: Beachy1

                  I have had some good meals at The Wood - I don't know the guys now involved at The Quarry or have any connection with them, but I wish them luck.......

                  1. re: graemejw

                    I never understood the references to wood in previous posts by others until your post. Reminds me of a Calgary post "I like wasabi" and I thought, don't we all, not realizing it was a restaurant. Duh!

                    OT - Today I've added 24 Canmore restaurants to the Chow database. It somehow derives its data from Google. Google doesn't map Canmore well.
                    Below is a Chow link to Canmore restaurants:


                    If you notice wrong locations on the map please post, I've got a few tricks to deal with that.

                    The Wood Restaurant and Lounge
                    8 St 8 Ave, Canmore, NY T1W 2B7, CA

        2. Interesting. I loved, LOVED Quarry when I first visited in 2007-ish. LOVED the eggs benny and chorizo egg scramble. Even loved it the second and third time. Then about a year spanned before we took a trip up to the mountains about Spring in 2009 and I was so excited to bring my bf there for the first time, the food was not the same quality, egg yolk was broken on the bennies they brought out (my pet peeve), the restaurant was empty. It was a poor shadow of the place I knew before.

          I'm hoping the new owners will be able to revive the restaurant.

          1. Thanks for the info everyone, Wow lots of Canmore foodies out there!! Keep on Chowin!!!

            1. The Trough is still a fine place to dine. Not quite the professionalism and perfection of the previous owners unfortunately but certainly not terrible. Used to be our absolute favourite but now...not so much.