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Jan 21, 2010 10:10 AM

Would you use...

a cinnamon raisin bagel for cream chees and lox?

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  1. I would put cream cheese on a raisin bagel but not lox or any kind of fish.

    1. I have seen plenty of people who do just that. Not my thing, I don't like sweet tastes. But if I had to eat a cinnamon raisin bagel I'd want to kick it up a notch with sharp and salty.

      1. Don't think that goes together, be kind of like putting preserves on a garlic bagel. But if you like it, go for it!

        1. Well, I greatly like that combo and I also like vegetable cream cheese on a cinn-raisin bagel; the sweet with the salty and savory is the way to go. I also like:
          Smoked salmon, tomato and cream cheese on a sesame bagel.
          Date-nut cream cheese on a onion (yes, onion) bagel.
          Scallion cream cheese on a cinn-raisin or pumpernickel bagel.
          Cream cheese and strawberry jam on a garlic (yes, garlic) bagel.
          Virgina ham, cream cheese and onion on a cinn-raisin bagel.

          PS I used to work in a deli in Brooklyn, bagels were my thing.

          1. NO. And I don't even consider anything with cinnamon (food of the gods but not for bagels) or raisins a bagel.