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Jan 21, 2010 09:48 AM

aburiya kinnosuke or sakagura?

i'm going to the japan society tomorrow for a film and figured i might as well get all thematic and grab some food to match after - i've wanted to try both these places - any opinions?

aburiya kinnosuke is on e 45th
sakagura is on e 43rd

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  1. Go to the place you can get in to. You might have to wait if you're just walking in, especially on a Friday. A reservation is prudent in either case.

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    1. re: E Eto

      yah agreed with E Eto, you're likely going to have trouble getting in if you're with a big group, if you're with a smaller group you're best off trying to make a res if you can't try to walk on at an odd hour

    2. I prefer Sakagura. Nicer atmosphere, better food.

      1. btw if you do get into sakagura, make sure to try their desserts, their pastry chef is excellent and seemingly unknown for some reason

        1. The food is better at Aburiya; the sake is much better at Sakagura. If you drink enough, you'll think the food is better there, too.

          Atm. if very different. Aburiya is brightly lit, more restauranty in feel. Sakagura is dark and sort of feels like the (fairly nice-looking) hole in the ground it is.

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          1. re: cimui

            Strongly disagree. Aburiya Kinnosuke is a decent catch-all, robatayaki place with a broad menu of standards- including seasonal and special items. But Sakagura is much more seasonally driven, focused "ryouri"/ cuisine restaurant. I would go to Aburiya with colleagues, but Sakagura with friends.

            1. re: Silverjay

              I strongly disagree with you (as usual). To each her own.

              1. re: Silverjay

                How about the prices? Are they about the same in terms of cost? I am too lazy to look them up on-line...

              2. re: Silverjay

                Completely agree. Aburiya is a fine place, but the food is nothing special. Sakagura has much better food. And the atmosphere is so much nicer and more interesting.