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Jan 21, 2010 08:42 AM

Mr. Broadway

Is it just me, or has this venerable eating establishment gone down hill really fast. It has gotten to the point where I will not eat or order from them again. Yesterday, the wifey wanted sushi for dinner, and well, since I was ordering for dinner, might as well order for lunch.

My med rare burger came bloody rare, and the sushi was awful. The rice was still crunchy, and the fish was disgusting.

This is not the first time I have had problems with them. Went for a birthday lunch with a friend, and his well done burger was RAW inside. You would think after that happened they would comp the burger...NOPE, nothing. A sorry was all we got, and the wait staff was neglectful of us the whole time.

So, just wondering if this is just me, or are others noticing this as well.

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  1. that place has been an armpit for years.
    only it's choice location keeps it around.

    1. My husband and friend both had bad experiences recently. Friend was given food and check at the same time, and told to pay before they started eating. Waiter said this was so that they couldn't try to send back anything and get out of paying the bill.

      Husband went with a friend during lunchtime and was seated at a long table with several other groups of two. They ordered, didn't get what they asked for, and were told their food would not be changed.

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      1. re: cheesecake17

        we have been ordering from Mr. Broadway weekly for an in-office lunch meeting. The food has been excellent, delivery timely and the variety of menu keeps everyone happy.

        1. re: fm36

          I have to agree with fm36. I've been going to Mr. Broadway for years and I don't have these issues with them either. I love Mr. Broadway and the variety of the menu.

          However, I think in the age of Internet transparency, Mr. Broadway should know that if they anger a customer, it might show up online and can be bad for their business's bottom line. That said, I'm going to bring this issue to their attention...

          My goal in that is because I want Mr. Broadway to continue to thrive, but they need to do so by making their customers happy all the time.

          1. re: tamarw

            i think the deal may be that they maintain good quality for the office crowd (my husband thinks there is no problem with the office deliveries and weekday officemate meal), but the regular dinner crowd/families are not being served well. makes sense to me. last time i was there, they were rude and the food was not good. was there with kids.

            1. re: cappucino

              I'm not part of the office crowd and I've never had a problem there. That doesn't mean they're in the right though. Hopefully they take this criticism seriously -- I love the selection there and would hate to see it go away. Word of mouth is powerful and hopefully the takeaways are that they will right their wrongs.

      2. Maybe it's just me but I like to keep my deli and sushi separate-
        Best place for deli I think in Mendy's and the best place for sushi is Eden Wok-
        Both on 34th st- both near each other but both do their specialty right

        1. Ate there last night and all three of us were pleased.

          Met my father and stepmother there knowing the food might not be that great. My criteria were: kosher near Penn Station, broad menu. My stepmother in particular is a picky eater and their menu is broad enough that I knew she would find something.

          My folks got deli and said it was better than Ben's, which is their benchmark for good deli. I had a California roll (and my 82 year old dad, who had never tried sushi before, tried a piece and to his surprise liked it). For my main I got a shawarma and hummus in laffa. They brought it with sides of tahina and two different hot sauces and it includes a trip to the Israeli salad bar. It was really very good, easily as good as HaPisgah which is near my folks in Queens. I was a little concerned it might be hard to eat since I had to unroll it to put the salads and sauces inside, but they had cut it in half and it worked out fine. I was expecting merely tolerable food but we all thought it was great, and prices about what you would expect. I suspect we will be back.