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Jan 21, 2010 08:34 AM

Monte Alban in Great Barrington

New Mexican that opened in Helsinki location. Same owner as Azteca . Has anyone been yet?

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  1. Frustration! We were supposed to go last night with friends and I came down with a fierce cold instead. Eagerly await info from others ---

    1. There is a Monte Alban in Hartford...It's a neighborhood restaurant on Farmington Ave in the West End...very good Mexican food...inexpensive... great chocolate mole...corn cakes (can't remember what they're called)... if it's the same owners you're in for a treat...

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          Love the wonderful food at Monte Alban in Hartford! I'm no expert about Mexican cuisine, but I have no doubt that the folks there are the real deal. Monte Alban refers to a famous site in Oaxaca (check out, so it is not surprising that these two restaurants have the same name. I hope the Great Barrington restaurant lives up to its name!

          1. re: jkuhlen

            As Cowgirl noted, this is not the same owner/restaurant. And we're all still waiting for someone who has eaten in the new GB one to report! I had a burrito from their take out stand across the hall a few years ago, and wasn't too impressed. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing special.

        2. I and a friend had dinner there last night. It was quite good, and, it was value for the money. The service was, if ANYthing, TOO attentive. But, that for a new restaurant is, to me, a GOOD thing. My friend had the chicken chimichanga. I had the chicken flautas. We had chips and salsa and a couple of beers. They DO have a full bar. Next time, I will ask for the flautas to be soft as opposed to crispy. I used to love to go to the bar at Pearl's after a 6:00 movie for a salad or sandwich and a glass of wine...this will be a very good alternative for me. Also, the prices are moderate. So, I would recommend it to people.

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          1. re: AikiLou

            Might be a bad sign that they serve chimichangas...

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              We were there last week at lunch time (they were closed) and the menu didn't overly inspire. Fairly typical tex-mex 'cept for choices on filling for the chile rellanos. Still awaiting some more reviews.

              1. re: mjoyous

                sad. with a name like Monte Alban, you'd think they'd be more true to their name. Maybe I'm a little biased because it reminds me of a that GREAT Oaxacan restaurant in Los Angeles...

                1. re: adamclyde

                  I know the owner is from Oaxaca but I haven't eaten his food. I was hoping to hear abut the chile rellenos!
                  (mj - I had the same thought about the Chimichangas - but even Sarape has them on their menu!)

          2. Yes ! It was very good. The menu may appear like an ordinary mexican restaurant but the preparation and ingrediants were superb and different. I had an enchelada and it was fresh roasted pork filling with a mole sauce covered in fresh lettuce, etc. Awesome.
            My wife's tostada was greaat, e will be back!

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            1. The new Monte Alban is awesome! I grew up on the West Coast, and have desperately missed getting good mexican food in the Northeast. It is not "tex-mex" by any means - its "oaxacan," specifically - very different even from the sometimes generic fare of the West Coast. If you want truly authentic, try the mole - in red or black - made in house! Or try the "Molcajete" on the specials menu (we went last night). The margaritas are great. They looked a little "watery" at first glance, but they pack a punch. Turns out they make their own fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice for sour mix, rather than using that awful, syrupy bar mixture from a bottle. Way better! The service was great, prices reasonable. And they had salsa lessons in the back last night and then a d.j.! We will definitely be back and will tell friends!