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Long Island Wedding - PLEASE HELP!

I have been engaged for 4 months and am desperately trying to find a venue I love. Looking for something different and contemporary but not overly priced. This is proving to be much more difficult that I had thought. The places I do like always have something wrong - too small (we are having 200-225 people) or the food is bad. Food needs to be excellent. Any suggestions?!?!?!

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  1. Royalton at Roslyn Country Club is where I wanted my wedding, but I'm having nearly 300 ppl. They can definitely accomodate up to 250 comfortably. Never tried the food, but by the looks of it, and other reviews, the food is very good. The menu is totally customized by you.

    Carltun in Eisenhower Park is another gorgeous place. Food is great too.

    Both have the country club feel, definitely NOT the wedding factory feel.

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      I am hearing great things about the Royalton. I think I am going to check it out. Thanks so much!

    2. Have you ever checked out the wineries on the North Fork? They do great stuff now, especially places like Bedell and Raphael.
      I got married before I discovered the North Fork wineries so I missed that chance, but I'll be doing an anniversary party there some time in the future.
      Good luck!

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        I love the Winery idea however most of them have large site fees. Raphael ($15K) in addition to $150 a head. I am looking into Peconic Bay right now.

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          Make sure you find out if you need to cover catering separately or not.
          I believe Rapheal's fee is so high becuase they have a full blown onsite kitchen whereas many other wineries require you to account for your own catering & equipment.
          Good luck!!

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            Just as an FYI, I went to a wedding at Raphael last June and the food was incredible.

      2. I attended an unbelievable wedding at Martha Clara Vineyards (NoFo). When I was planning my wedding we looked into the Harrison House which I really loved, however this venue was too large for my wedding.

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          I am going to check out Martha Clara Vineyards tomorrow. The more I think of it, the more I think it could be really different. Doesn't seem to $$$ either. By any chance do you know who catered the wedding there?

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            They used Christopher Michael Caterers and the food was amazing! They use a lot of local ingredients/produce. I've attended a lot of weddings over the past couple of years and that food really stood out. I still remember the grilled tuna steak - it was so fresh! Seriously, from start to finish that wedding was perfection.

            Here is the link:

            They also catered the rehearsal dinner at the bride's parents house and the food was also superb. They did a clambake which was spectacular.

        2. We went to a wedding at the Watermill in Smithtown. The food was almost inedible due to super high salt content and the outdoor cocktail hour was over-shadowed by heavy traffic noise and smells.

          Flowerfield in St James was a nice wedding venue. You may want to check out East Wind Caterers, which is off 25A near Wading River. I cannot give an opinion as I have never been to a wedding there.

          Also, the Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead has many indoor/outdoor weddings.


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            I've been to functions at East Wind, but also Giorgio's in Baiting Hollow right down the road, and vastly prefer Giorgios, for the beautiful location as well as the top of the line food. A bonus is that, either way, you're out in wine country like you want to be without the hassle of hiring an outside caterer. Giorgio's is on top of a hill, with rolling gardens on one side, and a bluff leading to the beach on the other. No need to go anywhere else for photos. The family that owns the place is very pleasant and professional too, East Wind not so much in my experience.


          2. try the north shore the soundview in greenport my sister-in-law had her wedding it is right on the sound it was really nice and they have a very clean hotel we made a weekend of it and had a blast