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Looking for good and not too pricy eats in west village?

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Usually dont venture to WV often... but will be around there later.. any good places too checkout that are not too overcrowded and pricey?

I have been to TAIM around there.. so little places like tht are cool- open to any kind of food.. veggie..fish..meat etc


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  1. my go tos are Malatesta for Italian (you can probably eat for under $25 w/out alcohol) and Westville (same deal). They both get crowded but you could probably avoid that if you go on the early side.

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    1. Moustache for Middle Eastern. Not pricey but may be a bit crowded.

      No. 28 for pizza, less crowded than Johns or Keste.

      1. Noodle Bar, 26 Carmine St., small, cheap, good.

        1. Da Andrea (13th, 5-6) is a bargain, especially if you have a carafe of the house wine.

          1. Market Table on Carmine. I adore Grey Dog Cafe, also on Carmine, but that is usually packed.