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Jan 21, 2010 07:54 AM

Looking for good and not too pricy eats in west village?

Usually dont venture to WV often... but will be around there later.. any good places too checkout that are not too overcrowded and pricey?

I have been to TAIM around there.. so little places like tht are cool- open to any kind of food.. etc


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  1. my go tos are Malatesta for Italian (you can probably eat for under $25 w/out alcohol) and Westville (same deal). They both get crowded but you could probably avoid that if you go on the early side.

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    1. Moustache for Middle Eastern. Not pricey but may be a bit crowded.

      No. 28 for pizza, less crowded than Johns or Keste.

      1. Noodle Bar, 26 Carmine St., small, cheap, good.

        1. Da Andrea (13th, 5-6) is a bargain, especially if you have a carafe of the house wine.

          1. Market Table on Carmine. I adore Grey Dog Cafe, also on Carmine, but that is usually packed.