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Jan 21, 2010 07:23 AM

BYOB Recommendations - Plymouth Meeting, King of Prussia area

I'm looking for a nice BYOB to meet some friends for dinner in the King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting area. Steak, seafood, Italian, American-fare - something along those lines. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! :-)

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  1. I'ld go to Phoenixville,. It maybe a little out of your way, but well worth it. Many good BYOB's such as Marly's, Black Lab and Majolica just to name a few, Also good bars for after dinner drink, I reccommend The Fenix

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      Thanks! I'll check these places out! :-)

    2. Actually near Plymouth Meeting you could try Spring Mill Cafe on Barren Hill Road in Conshohocken or Trattoria Totaro on Spring Mill Avenue in Conshy or From The Boot in Lafayette Hill.

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        Throw in Fayette Street Grill or Blackfish in Conshohocken. Only BYO I can think of in Plymouth Meeting would be Blue Fin if Sushi is your preference.

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          East Cuisine in Ambler (Broadaxe?) is also BYO.

          East Cuisine
          851 W Butler Pike, Ambler, PA 19002

      2. Not in your food style, but Tamarindo's in Broad Axe is another good BYOB place. I can't think of many other BYOB places in the area.