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Jan 21, 2010 07:08 AM

Has anyone ever seen this dutch oven before?

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  1. Nope, but nice design.. not cheap though.. might be a tad too deep - I like a little wider, for braising, but that could just be the photo..

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    1. re: grant.cook

      Yeah, good point.
      This says it's only 3qt as well, and I don't know if they do a range of sizes.

      1. re: Soop

        That's a lot of cabbage for 3qts..

        1. re: grant.cook

          How does it compare to LC? Unfavourably I'd bet.

          1. re: Soop

            Clarissa Dickson Wright used one in one of her shows and I remember she made a special point of commenting on what nice casserole pot it was.

            FWIW, You just missed out on one today on ebay I think for £150.

        2. re: Soop

          They used to make a whole range - an oblong one which I think must have been for fish.

          Hmm trying to add a photo of the range...


          1. re: pass

            Wow, that does look pretty. The pan looks uncomfortable though. And I paid WAY less for my LC (about £34 I think), and even if I was a millionaire I don't think I'd be replacing that.

            1. re: Soop

              I think the guy selling those was looking for about $400-700 a piece, so they are definitely for the well heeled cooks.

              The handle design is actually similar to the sitram catering/pro line and I find it actually works really well although it really doesn't look like it will. The curve is prefect for your thumb on one side and palm on the other.

              I did think about the covered skillet though - I love it. It's not often cookware appreciates in value ;)

      2. I think I saw it on an episode of Good Eats.

        1. Stop's a work of art in which you can serve dinner. Expensive? Try finding one from the 60's!

          1. It is indeed a work of art in which you can serve dinner. Really a casserole and not a dutch oven. Think long simmering beans or cassoulet. Ittala has a lot of good stuff from Scandinavia, including the Teema line of tableware. Not cheap, but wonderful and beautifully designed. I have my mother's Teema plates from the 60's and they are going strong.

            1. Don't like it- too narrow and deep. Not pretty to look at either, and that's just my opinion.