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Jan 21, 2010 06:27 AM

Killer Brisket in Rolesville

There are some road signs that make me hit my brakes. When driving on Rolesville Road in Rolesville a few weeks back, I saw a sign that said Brisket, so I pulled over to investigate. I found a giant red trailer with a Big Al's BBQ.

I ordered a brisket plate which came with 2 sides. I ordered fires and okra. The fries were hot and crispy with the right amount of salt. They were truly excellent fries. The okra was OK, but not exceptional. All items were obviously cooked from scratch.

The brisket was tender and succulent. I could taste a hint of smoke. Too often, brisket is dry and one dimensional, like bad pot roast. The helping was quite generous. I could have easily split this with another adult, but it was so good I didn't want to share.

Another amazing thing is that Big Al's takes credit cards. That's very handy with today's high ATM fees.

Big Al's Website is: http://www.bigalsbbqandcatering.t83.n...

If you're you're surfing from work, be aware you'll hear Sweet Home Alabama when the page loads, so turn down those speakers.

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  1. Looks like a nice find. We could use a good Q truck in Durham/Chapel Hill. I mean we have taco and burger trucks. Q would be great... especially if it's great Q.

    1. It was "Ramblin' Man" for me but each page loads a different song. I could have done without "Sexual Healing." Still, this sounds like someplace that needs checking out soon.

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        Being in the Chapel Hill area, going to Rolesville would be a stretch for any thing unless I wanna scuba. I'll have to rely on others, but the idea is appealing in general. Do we have a big to do of a bbq festival in the RDU area? I know Hillsborough has Hog Day and there is Pig Jig and one other one I can't remember at the moment.