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Jan 21, 2010 05:21 AM

Restaurant in Millburn Nj

Which restaurant in Millburn NJ would you recommend for dinner on Friday night with 6 friends -Basilico or La Campagna? I can get a reservation at either one.

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  1. I've had good meals at both, but I think La Campagna is less noisy and frenetic. I'd also want to make sure I went after the pre theater crowd has left.

    1. Had a very disappointing meal at Basilico last week and that's putting it nicely. A grilled sardine special tasted extremely fishy and did not sit well. The worst part was that they did not sit well for several days.

      I'd try La Campagna and while I don't like the space, Semolina's food is very good.

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        order any day's specials and you will be fine
        the bread pudding is made with pizza dough and the pizza themselves are sublime
        the chef father's makes awesome pizza at star lite
        u will not be disappointed at semolina

      2. Try La Cucina. Not on the main drag, but still very accessible. Great service, better food.

        1. I always had great meals at Basilico. Last time I was there it was right before the holidays. Personally, I like it better than La Campagna, but that is just my opinion.

          Let us know where you went! Enjoy!

          1. Basilico is our favorite place for pasta. I would recommend only the pasta dishes there though. The Arrabbiata is the best I've ever had. Went for lunch on saturday (killer price $20.95 for 3 courses)