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Jan 21, 2010 04:55 AM

New Zeke's

Zekes will be opening a new retail outlet where Grind-On was on Harford Road. Let's hope Thomas (aka Zeke) relents and provides a space to hang out, eat fine food and drink great coffees. The current plan seems to exclude food. Grind-On was a great addition to the neighborhood, however I was displeased with their proclamation of organic while selling mostly nonorganic Safeway food.

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  1. They said there might be snacks but didn't want to compete with Red Canoe, their friend and client, and it would be more like a tasting room than an eat/hangout.

      1. re: MegMD

        Closed. Not sure why. Differing stories are circulating the neighborhood. The former owner says he wants to reopen in the area but didn't offer a reason for closing.

        1. re: jfish

          He said he was frustrated by some crimes and the inability of the police to protect the place. Also, he couldn't get the city to move the bus stop further away.