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Jan 21, 2010 03:46 AM

Arctic Zero Ice Cream

I ordered this in the Vanilla Maple flavor and it is not thrilling me. but 150 calories for the entire pint is good. Has anyone tried this or other flavors?

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  1. Hi.. I found them at a trade show awhile back. I got to try all their flavors.. As you said, I found the taste to be wanting.. Some were more palatable then others, but in general - not all that tasty. I also was attracted to the low cal thing but I'd rather run a mile and eat something better tasting.

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      I am agreeing with you as I went to the store today to by some premium vanilla ice cream. Yum!

      1. re: jistar

        I think it's better to have a small portion of what will really satisfy your craving than a pint of something that leaves you wanting.