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Jan 21, 2010 03:37 AM

Two More Restaurants Closing in Manchester, CT

The Uno Chicago Grill on Rt.30 and Hale Rd. closed there doors last Sat. and The 99 Restaurant and Pub on Buckland St. will close on Sat. Also word is out that some work is being done on the closed TGIF Restaurant on Hale Rd. Not sure what that will bring to the area,but who knows.

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  1. The Buckland area is choked with chain restaurants. Aside from the sad fact that the employees are now out of work, it doesn't seem like any great culinary loss.

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    1. re: moskey

      I am not surprised by Uno's but 99 always seemed busy, Not great food but for a family with kids it was decent enough.

      1. re: JayCT

        Didn't it just open a few years ago, too? (99)

    2. More business for Frank Pepe!! Thats the only "mall area" place that deserves more customers.

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      1. re: foodwallguy

        Agree that Pepe's is the best in the area, but I've also enjoyed several meals at Natori Sushi in the plaza with the Petsmart and Starbucks.

        The fish has always been very fresh, and while their menu isn't the most adventurous they are willing to accommodate requests. Also,the service is pleasant and the location very clean.

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          Too bad Frank Pepe's can't do something about the parking, though. They need more spaces!

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            I have had Pepe's pizza in Manchester at at Mohegan Sun and I'm sorry but I don't think it is anything special.

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              Frankly, I've had it a couple of times (Manchester location only), and it's good pizza, but you are right, it's not "special." It's pizza. But for me it's not "memorable." There used to be a place on Spencer Street about 10 years ago that made the most insanely good pizza. Oh, my mouth waters! But, they closed.

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            1. i read in the news that Uno's filed for bankruptcy and closed a number of restaurants. guess the Manchester place was one.

              Frank Pepe's already has lines out the door waiting to get in. They don't need more business, they need more tables. Jay

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              1. Yah, I bitched to the CH team, guess they added CT to the header.

                1. lol, now that I realize this is clearly a CT thread (Buckland St. should have made it clear to me in the first place) it seems pretty obvious that UNO would go out of business...I can't imagine how mediocre pizza can really compete in the vicinity of a place like Pepe's (plus a few others in the area).

                  And I thought I was nuts when I saw someone added CT to the thread title...

                2. According to the Hartford Business journal, 99 is also closing its Newington and Orange restaurants as well. I thought Newington did well but I guess not. Jay