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Jan 21, 2010 03:15 AM

Authentic "cosy" Italian in Hong Kong

Are there any really homely little Italian restaurants in Hong Kong? The kind of place where there may or may not be a menu, probably hearty portions of delicious food, traditional pasta dishes etc? I don't want anywhere really fancy, rustic would be better - was thinking of trying Cecconi's on Elgin street but no idea if it's this kind of relaxed, slightly romantic atmosphere...?

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  1. For food, Chowhounders hands down favourite is Da Domenico in Causeway Bay. Fairly small and cozy. May be the Best Italian food in HK food especially the pasta with clams or scampi. Almost all major ingredients are imported directly from Italy. BE WARNED!!! ITS VERY EXPENSIVE!! Around HK$500+ for a plate of Spaghetti with scampi! Those who tasted it said its worth the money!

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        Try Pane & Vino on Robinson Road. They have great pastas. They also have a sister restaurant in Wanchai called Pomodoro.

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          Went to Panevino last nght - it was exactly what I was looking for - thank you!