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Jan 21, 2010 02:41 AM

Need good eats in San Juan, Puerto Rico

I'll be traveling to San Juan, PR next week with work and staying at the Marriot resort. I've been there only once before and had to stay close to the airport. I've eaten at Mirror and enjoyed that, but would like to try some other places with local flavor. It needs to be in a safe location as I may be going by myself. I'll try most anything and price shouldn't be a problem.

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  1. I really liked Restaurant Don Tello in Cataño. They had this avocado with tasajo (dried jerky beef stewed in sauce similar to ropa vieja) that was outstanding. They served these really addictive conch fritters as well. The place is nice and clean. I was just there last week and wish I could fly back there to eat some of those fritters.

    If you can, do a crawl of the kiosks in Piñones/Loiza near the airport. I like the arroz con jueyes (rice with crab), bacalaitos (cod fish fritters), octopus salad, piononos (rip plaintains stuffed with beef and then deep fried). That is always fun to do.

    1. In the old city, there is a food court right next to Cafe Berlin with a bunch of very basic restaurants that serve great food. Try mofongo in the one that's in the back, and Argentinean empanadas at the one in front. Easily the cheapest place to eat in Viejo San Juan.

      Istanbul, the Turkish place on Recinto Sur, is also great, ate there three times. Try flan for dessert.

      1. I'm headed to San Juan this weekend so I'm also interested in recs. I've been a few times, but not for a few years so I'd love some input. We have reservations at Marmalade one night, and are considering Ajili Mojili in Condado for another dinner, and La Mallorquina in the old city for a lunch.