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Jan 20, 2010 11:09 PM

Cape Town Butcher?

I live in Rondebosch and I'm looking to buy tripe. Where can I find some good, fresh tripe or other cuts of meat that generic supermarkets don't offer?

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  1. Check out Raith Gourmet in the Gardens Centre (lower level), Black Forest Butchery in Plumstead or the Swiss butcher near the top of Kloof Street (just below the Loft Living shop, opposite Manna restaurant) - called Cape Delicacies or something like that, sorry can't recall the name offhand, though I drive/walk past every day.

    1. Since you're in Rondebosch, rather than the City Bowl, I'd recommend my butchers in Kenilworth, on the Main Road - Super Meat Deli. They will order in whatever you want, assuming they don't have it in stock. They are old school butchers, and wonderful.