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Jan 20, 2010 10:30 PM

Suckling pig dinner at Canteen

My dinner tonight was definitely worth a quick post, as it included 2 "best of"s for me. The first course was a saffron fennel soup with octopus and a (piquillo?) pepper puree. This is the best pureed winter soup I've had in years. The soup was light and incorporated a good amount of stock. More importantly, there were so many components that each bite was unique mix of each flavor. These flavors were - chili pepper, red pepper, octopus, and the soup base itself.

The second course was the suckling pig, cooked three ways: loin, belly, and sausage. All three were excellent examples and the cabbage garnish added balance. I was also impressed with the mild mustard sauce. The best bite of the meal was the skin of the pork belly. I never imagined that any pork belly skin could beat the crackly crunchy chinese version that you can buy in chinatown. Apparently my imagination is not very good.

Lastly, the dessert course was an olive oil cake, which was richly textured and served with citrus and a tangy fromage blanc. All three courses were special indeed!

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  1. Canteen is our favourite resto (so far!) in SF and we try to go every trip. The only down side, and it's really an upside, is that the menu changes all the time so it's unlikely we'll get to try that pig. Thanks for the vicarious thrill!

    1. - January 27 & 28 prix fixe is $39 for Roast Pig

      817 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

      1. I also had the suckling pig prix fixe dinner, last July. I also agree the pork belly was good. However, I was the victim of the "lame prixe fixe dessert." At most restaurants, the prix fixe is a good deal because you essentially get dessert for free, compared to ordering off the regular menu. Which is great, except when the dessert is lame. In my case, it was berries with crème fraiche, which is just about the lamest dessert imaginable.

        Undaunted, I was determined to eat my way even: I requested two extra brioche rolls (they always have extra), which are of course beyond heavenly.

        817 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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          LOL. I've never heard of the term "eat my way even" before. That is quite a concept. I really like their brioche rolls as well, but was too stuffed to request a second.

          It took a while for me to figure out how to describe the pig skin - it was like the crunchy top of creme brulee, with a thin layer of fat underneath. The combination of the two stuck to my teeth a little, the same way that Ryan Farr's chicharrones also stick to the teeth a little.