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Jan 20, 2010 09:41 PM

Recipes from Pizzeria Mozza's "Scuola de Pizza" - moved from Los Angeles board

Well, I'm excited about the Scuola de Pizza even if it is a misnomer (apparently they do not plan to actually teach any pizzas or the Mozza pizza dough there). But I am very curious if anyone is collecting any of the recipes? I would be excited if someone might post some of them or otherwise be willing to share....

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  1. ooo--me too!!! I made the egg yolk ravioli for New Year's without their recipe--just winged it. I would love to have some of those recipes--classes are too expensive for me.

    1. Def interested in this too! I know they have a Mozza cook book coming out later this year? Would love to get the recipes from the fresh pasta class held this month.

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        Yeah we may need to wait for the book...the moderators also moved this from the LA board where it would probably have been more likely to have been seen by one of the (relatively small) number of people who have been to the classes...oh well....