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Jan 20, 2010 08:45 PM

Great New Find in Wallingford

Anyone else hit up Avila on 45th in Wallingford? I've been a couple (3) times now and have walked away impressed.
-Get a seat at the bar and you can watch all the action in the kitchen... heck, I even threw a couple questions at the cooks
-House made bread is dense and flavorful... last time I was served some caramelized onion bread which was divine
-Portions have been generous... even two picks from the Small Plate menu was enough to fill me up last time
-Playful menu... Savory Pumpkin Pudding, Bone Marrow Beignets, even Tater Tots with a twist
-Delicious food
-Nice atmosphere

It's my new favorite spot in my neighborhood. Anyone else been?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: CriticalEater

        No. I work in TV.
        Do you work there?
        I do live about 2 blocks away and like what they brought to the neighborhood.

        1. re: kanton

          Your review was so positive I actually thought the same thing as CriticalEater. Good to know there is a new place to try nearby. Hopefully I'll get there in the next week or so.

          1. re: Mike CP

            Mrsnelso opined, "adventurous, but often lost."
            We enjoyed Avila greatly, but, for the price, are not just itching to get back there.
            The headline-ingredient-fetish is fun, but we usually go out for food.
            Lamb (spectacularly) baked in hay: way-fatty; under-caramelized (no crust).
            We hoped to taste the hay, too, but no. The little cone of polenta was OK, and very trippy, but honest polenta sort of got lost behind fusillade of nifty ingredients.
            Oyster grapefruit pickled melange was tasty. For me, the odd fishy flavor in the accompanying rice dumplings didn't make up for the missing flavor of oyster. mrsnelso, on the other hand, was delighted at its absence.
            We wished Phred, from Elemental, was there, as pairing was not in the house that night. We did like the time we spent there, and will probably do it again, the next time the tooth-fairy visits...

            1. re: mrnelso

              The oyster melange came topped with popcorn and a side of pork rind. The asparagus was served wrapped in notbacon with a tasteless duck egg and a sadly overdone mushroom. That popcorn topping for the oyster isn't going to catch on, I hope. Underwhelming bread board: if you're not a gifted baker, outsource your bread to someone better. Didn't stay for main courses, as much as I wanted to see if they really used spaghetti-o's with the clam meatballs. I mean, the real fake red sauce stuff in the can?

              Mostly, it just seemed silly. And expensive.