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Jan 20, 2010 08:38 PM

Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie in Agoura Hills

Wondering if anyone here has tried this place? They are brewing their own beers, serve Belgians on tap and have a cellar with vintage brews. So far it sounds promising! Wondering how the brewpub grub is? I will be checking it out very soon but thought I'd ask here cause nada when I searched the board.

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  1. We are trying it tonight. Will report back pronto.

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        Try going to beer advocate and search under the category beerfly.
        There are lots of reviews on Ladyface.

        Heres a link...

        This is a great resource for all things beer related.
        The reviews are focused more on the beer as expected but the food is also considered.

    1. We tried it last week for an early, week-night dinner.
      They have both indoor and outdoor seating, with a nice community table inside. We sat inside because I don't like to chase blowing napkins. It was very noisy, with a lot of testosterone in the air.

      I am not a beer drinker, so I can not comment on that, although my DH did have a beer which he said was too bitter for his tastes. (Sorry, I don't know which one.)

      I ordered a blue-cheese walnut salad. It consisted of some butter lettuce with a few scattered walnuts and some blue cheese. It was not very interesting for $10. My DH had a hamburger which he said was good, but he likes the Counter better.

      Our only redeeming order was a small appetizer basket of mini cheese popovers; they were served warm and were very tasty for $4.00 for 5 or 6.

      Our total was almost $40 before gratuity for one beer, one app basket of mini popovers, one burger and one salad. My take: unless you are going there for the alehouse part, go somewhere else for dinner.

      Their parking lot is shared with Islands. The parking space is not able to serve two large restaurants and it is difficult to park during meal hours. You will probably end up parking over in the adjacent shopping center, but beware that this adjacent lot is not supposed to serve the two large restaurants: Islands and Alehouse.

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      1. re: liu

        Excellent beers.

        Did not have any food but hear it's generally not great.

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          Sorry you had a negative experience; I went there the first time last week and enjoyed it. And one thing I thought was how reasonably priced it was. I don't quite see how your bill was almost $40.00 for a $10 salad, a $10 burger, $4 popovers, and one beer (the pints run in the $5 - 6 dollar range.)

          The sausage plate I had was good, and the three mustards (including an interesting lavendar mustard) interesting. The frites were all one could ask for from frites. The menu is limited, and it may not be an ideal restaurant for someone not interested in beer (and I'd definitely recommend the patio), but if there for the beer -- which is worth stopping in for -- the food is, imo, better than I'd expect and nor bad at all.

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            Ah-hah, Capybara. The burger might have come with fries...I don't remember because I'm not a fry-hound. I just remember thinking as we were walking out of the many, many dinners we could have had that would have been more satisfying. My salad was not a $10 salad...maybe $2.00 worth of ingredients at most.

        2. LAist had a review of the mac and cheese last week.

          Personally, I'd love to try the beer. I'll probably try the food while there, since it's an area in which I'm unfamiliar with good food choices.

          1. The beer sampler was tasty, the food was not. The Gougères which sounded so good on the menu were virtually tasteless and quite dry. The Steak Tartare had so much dijon mustard mixed into it I couldn't taste anything else.

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              I liked the French cheese puffs. Yes, the flavor was subtle, but I found them to be satisfying. Ours were served warm and were not dry at all.