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Jan 20, 2010 08:37 PM

Im turning 21 on April-I need help finding a good restaurant with good food,and entertainment. (RI)

My idea is eating at a restaurant and just enjoying myself with a few drinks :) with my husband. I'm willing to try any food. Any idea's are appreciated! I really don't know where to go for entertainment so maybe you can jot some places for me. Thanks!

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    1. re: madisoneats

      I live in Provi-Rhode Island. Any resturants in RI or near RI will be great.

      1. re: Smile4food

        10 Prime might be nice for that sort of occasion.

      2. re: madisoneats

        If your turning 21 then go to Newport more hip places there like Fluke, Clark Cooke House, quite a few more all in yards of each other and Safe.

        1. re: Frank Terranova

          I second Newport. The Mooring is a very good seafood restaurant and it's within steps of a number of bars.

          1. re: ajh05004

            Right on about the Mooring but I figured they were kids looking to have fun and bee-boop around town and sleep in a hotel there. Mooring is excellent Newport is a tourist town but they have the restaurants that can back it up.

      3. I will definitely be going to Newport to try out the Mooring restuarant thanks!

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        1. re: Smile4food

          You're welcome. Try the bag of doughnuts at the Mooring. It's an assortment of seafood fritters and is pretty tasty.

          1. re: ajh05004

            Ok seeing your going to try the bag of doughnuts might as well share them between their Scallop Chowder But one warning. even though its a tourist place in the winter that place is very busy so check on reservations.