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Jan 20, 2010 08:04 PM

Le Garde-Manger Montreal closed down?

My and my friend were looking into checking out Le Garde-Manger for dinner. We've been trying to call them to make reservations for a week and all we got were their voice mail that responded that it's full. So since we thought it's the mid-week we'd just chance it by dropping by and guess what....the restaurant has been barred up and their windows and doors have been sealed up by plastic.

It didn't look like it was under renovation. It just looked closed. Do anyone know what's up?

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  1. The wife and I had a case of cabin fever Sunday night.
    Before our final stop in Chinatown, we were roaming around Old Montreal. Passing Garde-Manger, we noticed the windows apparently papered over and we had the same questions.

    We stopped for drinks at a nearby watering hole and the subject came up with the bartender. She said perhaps they were preparing for filming? But she thought again and said that she heard one of the cooks was killed in an accident in Mexico, but did not know if that was the reason for the paper-over.
    Tragic for all involved if this is the case.

    1. When I called a few days ago, the message said they were closed for the month of January to film Chuck's day off.

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      1. re: stephlovestoeat

        being a celebrity chef must pay a lot if he can afford to close his restaurant for a month!

        1. re: Maximilien

          January is a slow month. The decision was made to film the entire season in one shot rather than one or two days a week for months on end. The boards on the windows and door are to better control the lighting. Access to the restaurant (for cast and crew only) is from the back alley.

          1. re: eat2much

            OK, this makes sense.
            In my restaurant days, it would've taken ALOT to get me back there on my day off week in, week out. I don't think I would have been smiling as much as Chuck unless the compensation was OVER THE TOP...

          2. re: Maximilien

            Ahh that makes sense then. The voice message that I got was that their voicebox is full and that was it - for a week. I was beginning to wonder if they're closed down permanently. Glad to hear they'll be back~!

        2. Hello,

          Is Le Garde-Manger reopen? Does anyone know?

          I can't seem to find a website for them on google, do they have one?


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          1. re: chevalier

            They are open again but do not have a website.

            1. re: chevalier

              They are definitely open, and are booking TWO WEEKS in advance for Saturdays. I tried for this Saturday, but failed to get a spot.

            2. I know this thread's old now, but it seems they've closed yet again. Urbanspoon actually sent out the news in their newsletter today, stating it is "no longer open" - do we know if this is just more filming or has Le Garde-Manger actually closed?

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              1. re: lpettigrew

                Phone number and answering service is still working...

                1. re: lpettigrew

                  I;m not sure where they got their information but it is business as usual at Garde Manger. Urban Spoon seems to have removed the "Closed" that they had posted this morning. I do wish that before people send out newsletters etc. they would verify their info.

                  1. re: eat2much

                    They are definitely still very open. We just confirmed our reservation for dinner in 3 weeks.

                    1. re: sebell

                      Maybe they're closed for 2.9 weeks?

                      1. re: sebell

                        sebell, how did you confirm your reservation? I called a few days ago for a reservation on Sunday, September 26th and have had no response. Does this mean that they are already completely booked for that evening?

                        1. re: Linda M.

                          Me think they are probably closed on sundays (but not an excuse to get back to you to tell you that).

                          1. re: Linda M.

                            I booked through the concierge at the Hotel we're staying at - Hyatt. They confirmed with the restaurant quite a few days later, which seems a bit odd (how long it took). I'm assuming with their popularity Garde Manger does not hurry to respond or respond at all if they are booked.

                            1. re: sebell

                              Garde is most definitely open and most definitely insanely full. The management and owners are quite good people but the number of calls and requests they get - well, it's never ending and they really do try to accomodate everyone.
                              They are open Sundays for now, but close when shooting for the chefs show on Food Network begins again.
                              If you haven't gotten a confirmation, it's difficult to tell... 2-3 weeks should be enough time... But try calling between 3pm and 5 pm only. Enjoy!