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Jan 20, 2010 07:53 PM

Best Microbrew in South Bay or nearby area?

Does anyone have a favorite microbrew in the South Bay? Or the rest of Los Angeles? Friends are coming for a visit, and I want to take them to the best. If I have to sample all of the microbrews in Los Angeles to pick my favorite, well, I guess I'll just bear that burden. It'll be hard, I know.

I've been to the Red Car Brewery in Torrance. Amazing hot wings, but the beer was just okay.

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  1. I don't think there are that many to choose from. Angel City is in Torrance.

    Here's some info about microbreweries in the region:

    If you're willing to travel, Stone Brewery in Escondido is supposed to be a fun place to visit, though I've heard very mixed things about the food. (The beer is amazing.) You could search on the California board to see if any reports say it's gotten better.

    1. Does the beer "have" to be brewed on site ?

      Naja's - Redondo Beach Pier ~ has 88 beers on Tap plus many unique bottled beers:

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          if you're not looking for south bay specific microbrews, i back naja's hard.
          some of the stuff they have is more expensive than at other places, however they've got some of the best seasonal brews.
          right now, they have the new belgium spring seasonal ahead of schedule.

      1. The Bruery in Placentia is a really fun and unique experience. They don't serve food, but it's a great gathering every Friday-Sunday in their factory... so not only do you get to taste great beers and even take some home in bottles if you like, but you get to do it surrounded by all the barrels, vats, and equipment used to actually make the stuff.