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Jan 20, 2010 07:45 PM

Dim Sum Downtown Recommendations

I thought I'd attempt to see what would come up for recommendations as I have read some of the earlier threads on Yangs, Case Imperial and others up north and I will go to one of those places when it's warmer and I want to drive up there but for now...let's talk downtown.

So truly for those who actually eat downtown, where do you go and why? price? variety, no carts, carts?
I have been to Rol San, Bright Pearl, Pearl Harbourfront, Sky Dragon though I haven't been to any place in particular in a while. I was also curious as to how Gerrard street compares to Spadina.


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  1. Lei Wah Heen is, by far, the best dim sum in the city - if you're willing to pay.

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      I like noble seafood for a la carte dimsum in chinatown

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        Thanks for the the tips I got but since I got so few recommendations on downtown, I thought I should give an account of what I did get and it was very good.

        I ended up going back to Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Restaurant. It was my 2nd time there. There were 6 of us. We had har gow, sui mai, chicken feet, turnip cake, taro balls, scallop dumplings (these weren't too exciting), spinach & spring dumplings, shrimp spring rolls w/ sweet & sour sauce(very clean not greasy), eggplant stuffed with shrimp, octopus deep fried( tasty but a bit too much MSG), curried baby octopus, shrimp wontons with ginger sauce (this was new to us and one of everyone's favourites), shrimp cheung fun, deep fried black sesame balls with black sesame paste inside(nice change from white, I think another shrimp dumpling too but they weren't as good at the shrimp wontons.

        Cost for $172 plus tip. we did have multiple of the har gow as my son (#7 in our party) only eat these dumplings. We also had doubles of some of the other dishes.

        We didn't get a window seat which is one of the nice things about the place but the food was very fresh, mostly hot (some warm) and there wasn't a long wait for food and it came on the carts. I would recommend it as place to go if you're downtown and they take reservations so that's a nice thing to not have to wait 1/2 to get a seat.

        The one downside is parking is expensive there. We went on Sunday and parked next door for $12 and that was the cheapest we could find. But I still think it's worth going to if you don't want to drive uptown.

        1. re: Janine

          love pearl.
          pricey, but consistent...and if you do get a window, great view.
          just a note to all...the restaurant provides 5 buck parking...
          on the north side of the street, behind the pizza pizza condo tower.
          bring the 'ticket ' to the restaurant and then trade it in at the front desk.

    2. recently went on a daily dimsum binge around downtown to the following places:

      rol san (dundas and spadina): cheap and fresh, pretty consistent, good selection, nothing special about decor
      pearl court (broadview and gerrard): garbage, will never go back, got microwaved deep fried sesame balls, chicken feet was overly drenched in sauce, not impressive, do not go there
      yiu wah (off spadina and dundas): cheap its about 1.20 or something between 3-4?, the have the basics, i would go for a quick dimsum fix