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What goes with stroganoff?

I'm making dinner for my boss in a couple of days.

So far I'm making maple apple pie with whipped cream (they liked this pie last time I made it), and stroganoff with egg noodles, maybe some nice hot chocolate... or maybe a spiced apple cider? I can't think of a side. What would go well with beef in a mushroom/garlic/onion/sour cream gravy over noodles? It seems like a heavy dinner so far, so maybe a "bright" side, but I'm at a loss. I love heavy foods myself, and were I making it at home would serve with potatoes, or string beans sautee'd in garlic butter. Should I do a bread? I make a good garlic-cheese biscuit, and love a good toasted sourdough....

I'm at a loss, can you help?

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  1. As a side to the stroganoff over noodles, how about a beet/apple salad with Romaine lettuce? Or perhaps some roasted green beans with almonds or hazelnuts? I'm thinking contrast here; as you say, "bright" and also some crunch to offset the creamy. As to bread, I'd say toasted sourdough rather than a heavy (and strongly flavored) biscuit. Keep the main dish the star here.

    Your apple pie is another star... it doesn't seem to need cider or hot chocolate to accompany it. Coffee laced with a cordial would probably be nicer...and lighten things up a bit.

    Necessary disclaimer: I'm a tea drinker, so I can't speak too much about coffee issues beyond what's up there ^

    PS: What time is dinner? I can fly to CA in 5+ hours...Ha!

    1. salad. with some lovely winter citrus.

      1. Years ago I made a vegetarian version of stroganoff with kale or chard. It worked, so maybe a lightly braised kale, chard or mustard green dish might work.

        1. Sounds like you are planning to serve your boss a delicious dinner... but you've left out all the vegetables. Think fancy restaurants.. whether you eat them or not, most meals like that would be served with an entree salad and a side of of vegetables. If you're serving noodles forget the potatoes (don't need two starches) and make the bread a side. Serve first a small fresh green salad with a good, simple oil and wine dressing, and peas or some other green vegetable on the side with the entree.

          Frozen peas or spinach or whatever made by package directions are fine for company at this time of year. Either impossible to get or horrendously expensive fresh in most of the country. And especially when you're going to such trouble with the rest of the meal.

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          1. So maybe a spinnach/spring greens salad (here in CA they're still not expensive this time of year) served cold with dressing (as somebody mentioned, I needed a vegetable), and maybe hot cider served along side (I'm thinking sandwiching the flavours... hot apple or spiced tea or cider at the beginning, warm apple pie with cold whipped cream to end it.... hey that's a progression of temperatures too cool!)

            1. Roasted Brussels sprouts. Something green, and nothing creamed.

              1. I LOVE peas with stroganoff . Since you've got noodles in the dinner, I would skip the bread.

                1. I'm another who thought peas immediately. Tiny petite frozen peas are always good. I'd probably do a green salad too. With citrus as suggested.

                  I wouldn't do potatoes with noodles. I wouldn't do bread either, but that's just me. I know some people don't think it is dinner without bread.

                  Have a great time.

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                    Yea, I had no intention of doing potatoes, that's just what I would do at home because I love potatoes and think they go with everything (for me at least lol), but I know it would be too much "white stuff". I'll probably keep the bread (sourdough) just because I'm one of those who it's not a dinner without bread, but they'll be little toasted pieces, maybe served with the salad.

                  2. So many questions to answer:

                    1. A nice spiced apple cider always has more pop and pizazz than hot chocolate. I mull a gallon of cider with stick cinnamon, cloves and whole allspice. Add a sliced orange and a half a cup of brown sugar, bring to a boil, simmer 1 hour or longer and serve.

                    Stroganoff is a wonderful dish, and very satisfying. I make a cabbage dish by slicing cabbage thin and soaking in white wine (supposed to be Champagne -- you can use cheap stuff but not too sweet) and Tarragon for a couple of hours. Saute this in butter with shallots, caraway seeds and salt and pepper. If you want to add a "green," peas or string beans would be fine.

                    I encourage you to serve bread -- to soak up every bit of the sauce. I see the posters worrying about too many starches, hey, the Italians combine pasta and bread in a meal all the time. However, with the sour cream in the Stroganoff, I think anything with cheese, or even sourdough bread would upstage the star of the show. Just use a good baguette, warmed briefly if you like.

                    If it were me serving this meal, I'd put out a salad, simultaneous with the entree -- for taking before, during or after. I would probably use bitter greens -- escarole, arugula and sliced endive -- and a dressing that perhaps carries a little sweet and sour action going on.

                    1. Dinner went over really well :) Did stroganoff over egg noodles, salad (spring greens and herbs), mulled cider (I think.... took apple/cinnamon/hibiscus tea and steeped in cider, this is similar enough to be considered mulled cider, right?)), toasted sourdough, apple pie and very vanilla whipped cream. She provided some olives and bean salad for the side/appetizer.

                      I'm pretty sure the "big boss" (owner of the shop where I am employed) liked it (as did her husband), as my manager the next day asked "hey! when are you going to come over and make ME dinner?" o(^_^o) (o^_^)o

                      It's nice to cook for more than just my husband and I.

                      And now I get to plan another menu!!! I want to build something around the garlic soup the manager lady has expressed a liking for (which involves garlic, beef broth, beer and bay leaves as it's major flavorings)