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Jan 20, 2010 06:44 PM

LA Weekly Gold food event on Feb 28

Is this worth going to? I heard last year there were huge lines. Any information?

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  1. yep, huge lines last year.

    and a parking debacle.

    they may have changed the venue this year though.

    1. Oh no, is it really on Feb 28th? I'm out of town that weekend but otherwise I would be there in a heartbeat. I went last year and thought it was amazing. So much great food and wine for such a reasonable price. My tip is to park far away and walk instead of dealing with the valet. Come early and when the doors open head as far back as possible to avoid the crowds that gravitate to the first food stand they see.

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      1. re: Newkie

        I would definitely pass. Lines and parking were horrific - some ticket holders never got it - but worst of all the event was filthy. I was there early and there was nowhere to eat because there was no one to clear the few tables or empty the overflowing trash cans. Event staff was clueless about where to get glasses and forks. Also a lot of repetition in the food - pork belly everywhere (I love pork belly but enough is enough! ) I'd be thrilled to hear they learned last years lessons and pull of a professional event but until then I'll be spending my few recession dollars elsewhere.

        1. re: sfgirl22

          i wanted to go last year - but reading this makes me not want to.

          especially b/c so many of the participants are not really "ritzy" restaurants. i mean, i can pretty much afford to eat a whole meal at the currently listed places and don't need some small bite. (i.e., babita, loteria, nickel diner, kogi, jitlada, mo chica, meals by genet, mozza, etc.). plus - these aren't exactly exciting eats - upstairs 2? lets be frank?

          seriously? this is what j gold can bring?

          1. re: nachosaurus

            Jitlada, Mo Chica and Loteria aren't exactly exciting eats? Jitlada is one of the best Thai restaurants in the country. When I eat there, I get very excited.

            I think the whole point isn't having "ritzy" places (though there were plenty of those types), but to turn people on to his favs. Yes, I can buy a Banh Mi sandwich for $3, but if I had never had one, I think it would be a very exciting thing to eat. I eat in places like East LA, SGV etc. all the time, but I have plenty of friends that I take to have Vietnamese food, Chinese Dumplings, Chicken en Mole, Ramen etc. that have never tried it. If you are a fan of J Gold, this is a chance to try those picks in one place. There might be some picks you might find questionable (I love Let's Be Frank), but I would say his batting average is pretty good.

            I"m all about finding new places.

            1. re: bsquared2

              i'm all about finding new places too - but none of these places are new. any chowhound has been to mo chica, loteria (chain) and jitlada (or those places are on some list). mo chica is the newist addition, and it's been raved and raved and raved about on chowhound. i think it's amazing - but if i'm paying $80 - i want a little more than hominy.

              1. re: nachosaurus

                I hear ya. But when I went last year, many people were commenting on places like Jitlada, Animal, Mozza etc. To most Chowhounds those places might be old hat, but there were a lot of people who had heard of them, but never tried them.

                For example, I had heard about La Casita Mexicana but hadn't made the trip on the 710 yet. I tried them at the Gold Standard and they became one of my favorite places.

                I don't drink but I believe wine was included in the price? I didn't drink but I did eat a lot of food.

                BTW, I don't know if I would call Loteria a "chain". The have 2 locations, I don't think of that as a "chain".

                1. re: bsquared2

                  i hear you too, but since we actually are on chowhound - i expect some umph from recommendations here and want a little more from a special event than just the old standbys (this is especially so if i have to wait in line).

                  i just kind of think - these are the places i go to every week.

                  if there were fancier places or more obscure places, i could see doing it. but as it is - it seems like it might be somewhat disappointing. i guess it just depends on where you're coming from. i can totally see a fringe foodie thinking this is AMAZING. b/c they can eat at all these divey places in one spot. and on monday, rave about the amazing place they ate at in thai town that is run by . . . . . .. . . that - IMO - is neither a foodie nor an angeleno. but i know many of them.

                  when it comes down to it - i would like to go to this if there were no lines. once crowds get involved, my cost-benefit calculation gets in gear.

                  thanks for your input!!

      2. There seems to be fewer restaurants this year... Hmmmm...

        Last year we had a great time (We rode our bike and got there early) and got to try almost everything as we plotted which places we REALLY wanted to try (We also worked our way from back to front for the shorter lines...

        We already got our tickets for this year's even but am a bit worried on how things are going to go with the VIP admission and such... Will report back for sure...


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        1. re: Dommy

          Did you get the VIP tickets or the regular admission? vip has 1 hour earlier admission and if a huge chunk purchases vip style then the lines will be unmanageable and possibly overbooked if you arrive at the regularly schedule hour for the regular tickets

          1. re: kevin

            Last year you could eat as much as you wanted. No restrictions. For that reason, why not get there early and go crazy.

            1. re: kevin

              I got regular, I don't see the benefit of VIP for just one hour and don't mind some lines to digest and discuss the food. That is what the best part for me is actually... getting together with like-minded folks and comparing items we had.