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Jan 20, 2010 06:39 PM

downtown with 2 yo and 4 yo

We'll be visiting from DC next month with our 2 yo and 4 yo, staying in Greenwich Village. We want to eat well and would love downtown recs for breakfast/brunch, lunch, and early dinner. Our guys eat out all the time and are very good in restaurants, so while we'd like places that welcome kids, we aren't looking for "kid" restaurants. 4 yo really wants to go to Chinatown, so very interested in suggestions there. Otto is also on the agenda. Please help us build a great list! Thanks very much....

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  1. There are TONS of restaurants in Manhattan that are kid friendly but not kiddie restaurants. Did any other than Otto catch your eye? Shake Shack, Smac, Big Daddy's Diner, Landmarc, Sarabeth's, Penelope, Bubby's, Isabella's, EJ's Luncheonette, Petite Abeille, City Bakery, others?

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      Thanks. Otto is on our list mainly based on previous (non-kid) visits and the fact that it's close to the apartment we're renting. Definitely know there are tons of options, which is why I'm asking--hoping you all can help us narrow it down to the best bets. Would love places in the the Village, LES, Chelsea, Gramercy areas, as most on your list are.

    2. The Chinatown question depends on what you want to eat. I think two of the best are Big Wong King (wonton soup and anything w/ roast pork or duck) and NY Noodletown (pan fried noodles, singapore chow fun, also wonton soup, flowering chive dishes (!)). Both have lots of families, although they'll rush you a bit at peak hours.

      Another place to keep in mind is Grey Dog Cafe in the west village. It has fantastic coffee and breakfast, including both eggs and baked goods (and is open early) and also serves very good, if low key lunch and dinner.