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Jan 20, 2010 06:33 PM

What would you pick from these 4 choices? Looking for seafood-centric, romantic, kinda modern, ....

What would you pick?

1. Aldea
2. Aurora
3. Olana
4. Cookshop

Looking for:
1. Somewhat romantic (anniversary dinner) but we're in our late twenties/early thirties so nothing too heavy-duty romantic.
2. Modern in style - for example we looked at Erminia but decided it is just too old-timey for this celebration. We want it to be a little more upbeat and fun rather than candle-lit and quiet.
3. We love seafood. We love duck and duck fat anything. We love fresh vegetables that aren't over-sauced. We don't like big slabs of steak.
4. We're going to Desnuda the night before with friends, so nothing that is ceviche-heavy!

soooo, what would you pick?

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  1. Aldea would be a fantastic choice. A little upscale but not staid, and modern in look and feel. And the food is great. Especially their arroz de pato and seafood dishes.

    1. Aldea all the way. Take Cookshop right off the list according to your criteria.

      1. I also agree #1 should be Aldea. You might also consider BLT Fish which has very good food but not as cozy as Aldea.

        1. I agree with everyone about choosing Aldea. I might want to request one of the two snug booths for two. You can see one of them on the left side of this photo:
          (Set includes photos of that meal.


          Photos from our second dinner at Aldea can be seen here:

          Btw, I would avoid Cookshop. Crowded, very noisy, and the food is meh. .

          1. Thanks all - I was secretly hoping you'd say Aldea for sure!!!