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Jan 20, 2010 06:24 PM

YYC Indian Dinner Buffets Extinct

Can anyone tell me why there are no resturants in Calgary that do an Indian dinner buffet ?

Maybe I'm missing something ?

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  1. Surya has one- not every night; I think M and W?

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Yes, Wednesday's for sure at Surya, I've been many times. Decenet selection and quality of items on the buffet. Pretty good price too $15pp (I think)

      I believe Raj Palace on 6ave downtown also has one. I've only tried it once, and didn't care for it too much, most of the food tasted stale. They did have a lot of veggie selections, and they even brought us a couple of Dosa's without asking for them.

      I've been to Namskar a bunch of times (week day and weekend) and have not seen a dinner buffet there.

      If you go up to Edmonton at all, there are a lot of places along the indian area on 34 ave. I really liked New Asian Village there.

      1. re: djdragan

        New Asian Village is a favourite of mine. I find Edmonton has a much higher number of Indian buffets and generally have found wider selection of dishes on their lunch and dinner buffets.

        Rajdoot in Calgary has a dinner buffet. Information is on their website - S, M,T

        EDIT: whoops, didn't see the post below with this info already.

    2. Bombay sweet house had one, is it done? 55 Castleridge Boulevard Northeast, Calgary, Division No. 6, AB T3J
      (403) 590-1393‎

      There should still be one at the place on 4th avenue across from Ceasar's, but I never go to them anymore.

      Namskar near Peter's on the other side of 16th might too.
      202 16 Avenue Northeast
      Calgary, AB T2E 1J8
      (403) 230-4447

      We get take out from "Spice hut" behind the taco time on 64th Ave just west of Deerfoot Tr. The deal one has almost everything we love and it's really inexpensive. They're actually Pakistani guys and the butter chicken is a bit too tomato flavoured to seem like butter chicken but it's spectacular like the rest of the food.

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      1. re: The Gut

        Yeah, Spice Hut is great.
        (but just to be clear, there's no buffet there, just a burning hot tandoor :)

        1. re: 23skidoo

          Yes, sorry if that's unclear. I mean that I have not been to any Indian buffet for a long time because Spice Hut is so cheap and delicious!

          Atmosphere, not so great but they are some of the nicest guys running a food place in town also.

      2. Delhi Darbar in the southeast (Glenmore and Ogden Rd) has a dinner buffet Mon-Wed night

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        1. re: alley

          Alley, have you tried Delhi Darbar, how is it?

          1. re: djdragan

            The food at Delhi Darbar is good. I prefer ordering off the menu, but the buffet is decent. Show up at prime time though: the lunch buffet is popular, at dinner the restaurant is not always busy so not sure how fresh everything is kept.

            1. re: djdragan

              DD is now on 16th Ave in the NE. Their lunch buffets are quite yummy !

          2. According to their website Rajdoot still runs their dinner buffet Sun-Tue night. I have not been for a while to their dinner buffet, but their lunch buffet was decent.

            1. Samosa Grill in the NE near Sunridge has a dinner buffet. We stopped in once out of the blue after fishing and was starving, luckily the buffet was fully stocked and very good. Their veggie samosas were amazing, better than any meat version I've ever had.