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Jan 20, 2010 05:55 PM

Calgary Rodizio - Bolero vs Gaucho

I am a big fan of Brazilian rodizio, having had it a couple of times in Rio de Janeiro. I will be out in Calgary next week and am thinking of taking my daughter and boyfriend to one of these places. Which one would the Calgary Chowhounds recommend. The boyfriend will be a big meat eater but the daughter may just eat from the salad bar (depending on her mood) , so does either place have a salad bar only price?

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  1. Personally I prefer Gaucho for their meat and atmosphere (old location, not been to their new location however). If memory serves, you might have more veg/salad bar options at Bolero. I'd say just go a la carte off the menu if your daughter wants to avoid the meat, as I don't think there is a requirement that everyone must order the all-you-can-eat.

    1. I've only been to Bolero and while I enjoyed myself every time, I've always wanted to try Gaucho's but circumstance tends to lead me back to Bolero. Sorry can't compare the two and provide a review.

      You can get access to Bolero's cold and hot salad bars for $20 per person compared to $37.50 for the full event.

      1. +1 to Gaucho for the meat. I don't recall if they just do a salad bar - doesn't say at their website, but you can check it out -->

        I was fairly recently there and put my comments in another thread:

        Having been to both, I definitely choose Gaucho.

        1. Went to Gaucho recently too, and they had a very tasty spinach and strawberry salad, and even had a bean stew in the salad bar. The meat was FANTASTIC and service was attentive and friendly. I would just give them a call and ask if you can eat off the salad bar only.