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Jan 20, 2010 05:01 PM

San Antonio Ice Houses?

I am returning to San Antonio for a long weekend after spending several memorable (and well-fed) years there in the late 1970s. Got lots of useful updates on eats and drinks in these posts but....not a word about ice houses. Can they all be gone?

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  1. No, there's one downtown by a Holiday Inn with lots of bikers, la Tuna has one and there's a new one on S. Alamo - the Friendly Spot.

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    1. re: bronwen

      La Tuna is a beer joint.

      To be a Ice house, you had to have or still sell ice in bag or block out front.

      An Ice house used to be a old style convience store where the old timers had a couple of cold ones in the back...

      There is lots if beer joints that call themselves ice houses. Leon's Ice house and bait on Rigsby has turned into just a beer joint.

      The last real ice house on the southeast side is the Texaco Station about 5 miles east on HWY 87 east. Its a gas station, they sell some grocery items and have tables for the old timers to drink a beer...they even sell pickled eggs and wieners. Im sorry I dont remember the name.

      1. re: bronwen

        There used to be a place on Alamo called The Friendly spot back in the early 80's,,,its called La Tiendita now...

        1. re: SAguy

          Thanks for the tips and clarification on ice house criteria. Besides selling blocks of ice – and yes, pickled eggs and little wieners on toothpicks – I recall them as neighborhood spots, usually converted garages with tables inside the permanently open garage doors. Very cold bottles of Pearl and Lone Star. Old timers would bring in their Old Crow, order set-ups for a quarter or 50 cents, and chew on the toothpicks. As the night wore on, a few couples would get up to dance to Blue Bayou on the jukebox. Recommendations on better SA beer joints, if that’s what I’m describing, are also welcomed. But we will definitely head out to Hwy 87 and look for that Texaco station.

          1. re: Rijomogo

            Leons Ice house...nice beer joint. rigsby...nice place with a cool history
            Hi-Slope Ice house...clark and rigsby, drive thru
            Roadside Ice house on Rigsby south of WW White...roadside is old time beer joint counrty atmosphere.southeast style

          2. re: SAguy

            Actually the Friendly Spot is back open (3 months). Still a work in progress, but pretty cool so far.

        2. What's an ice house.....surly not where they make ice?

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